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Welcome to Barbarians of Gor. Season Three is Ending and Season Four begins on June 22nd.
There will be a soft opening for Season Four Sunday Night June 16th.

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From Barbarians of Gor

Buildings should not be damaged until a siege is negotiated. The ability to open doors via lock picking with thief tools is active. And we have a knock out system in addition to mech death which allows for the intentional capture of a player. Raiding is an acceptable method for ransoming captives for goods. Please note that all combat requires role-play, but raiding has somewhat different expectations.

Capture "Flight"

Like most places on Gor, World's End acknowledges the institution of capture. Which means, it is considered the right of Free Men to capture others, normally slaves and free women, from other Home Stones. It is not a crime unless caught and it is not an act of war. This is a natural and normal past time for Gorean men, especially slavers and warriors.

Required RP for Raiding

It is unrealistic to expect everyone to get roleplay from the opposing party in a raid. Further, it is unlikely that a raid will have role play before combat so most raid role-play comes afterwards in the capture. At least 3/4 of the initiating raiders should be prepared to give role-play after combat. However, the target group is not obligate to give role-play, especially when there is no logical Gorean reason to keep a captive, or commit to 2 hours of RP unexpectedly.

For example if your target doesn't think they can realistically keep and hold an aggressor they will have to kill or leave. Additionally, if its bed time and you get attacked, you can't stay up another 2 hours and be late for work.

Example Scenario

You need DD cuffs, a DD collar, a padlock, chain bindings, thief tools and a bed roll. <How to Capture>

You and your men roll up on a clan base, the first thing you should do is make sure someone from the clan is online, as if there is no one from the clan online, there is no point in raiding. (And nor will the lock picking work). Secondly, if the player is not AT their base, there is no point in raiding the base -- your goal is the player.

Set your bed roll!

Consider the agression setting of the thralls and look for a drop box near the front door. Thralls are a pain in the ass to train and equip, if you are going to fight and kill thralls, please make an effort to drop their gear into a drop box -- unless you want to loot it for yourself, which is acceptable.

Then lock pick the door. You get two tries, with a cool down of 15 mins. The tools cost 1 silver each and can be purchased from The Locksmith near the Kennels at each Hub. You may need more then one player to get you into a base. However, if the door is not lockpickable or there is more then two "entrance" doors to the main part of the base, that is a build violation, please report in a moderation ticket.

At this point you may have been noticed and should be expecting armed response from either players or thralls, as well as prepare for slaves and free women to opt for running away.

Assuming you win, and everyone else has died or ran off we have some things to consider:

  • When a player is KO'd the first time, its only a 30 second KO and they might actually take a mech death. If you do not want them to mech die, then extend their unconscious timer, and bind them. (This is something free women and slaves can do fictionally).
  • If they take the mech death and opt not to return, it is up to you what to do with their items. Loot them, let them decay, or be nice and put them in the drop box. Note: If a player or clan continually refuses to be captured they can be reported under the base rules for "must role-play" and "can't avoid role-play".
  • If they die and return to their body, they should loot their body and then must lay down setting their status to wounded or unconscious. They should also, allow inventory access so that you may loot them in the same way you can loot their body.

At this point, you need to figure out who is taking captives and giving them role-play. At least 3/4 of your team is required to give additional role-play, either at their base or taken them somewhere else. You can not raid without RP and then loot bodies and leave. This is a rule that can be moderated.

Basic Rules

  1. If you want your items after death, you are obligated to return, loot your body and lay down. You can not loot and run.
  2. You must allow access to your inventory if you loot your body.
  3. If you do not want your items, then leave the area until its over.
  4. Once you are down, you are out, do not return to the fight except to walking naked to your body and laying down.
  5. You must allow the binding. If its not already set up, you have to white list the captor and allow then to bind.
  6. One raid per day between two clan bases.

Can't Access Restraints!

If you have not Set allow restraints to "always" for Devious Desires then you are obligated to put your captor on your white list immediately and give them time to lock, bind, and restrain you without an escape attempt. If you want the chance to wiggle out of the collar before its locked and/or leashed you much have Allow restraints to "always" for Devious Desires set on PRIOR to the encounter.

If a player fails to accept the capture by means of ignoring this rule please open a moderation ticket. (If the base functionality of collar, leash and dragging is acceptable to you as a captor and the role-play proceeds then no need to report it.)


Mechanical death is disabled during Season 4, instead all death (except pulling your bracelet) causes a 1 min knock out. If you feel that someone has earned a permanent death of their character, review the page on perma-death. <Read Me>


Updated 12/6/23: This server allows for the intentional capture of a player without consent. Capture for Season Three is defined as "taking a player to some location where they are restrained without the option to return to their prior role-play after the current scene has ended". You are expected to give at least two hours of role-play with the captured player immediately. Don't Cap if you Can't do the RP. If an unexpected issue arises you must schedule these two hours of roleplay to happen within the first 24 hours. If this can not be arranged due to time zones or scheduling conflicts, you must allow them to escape or agree to keep a clan NPC in their place. <Read More>

See Also
  • PvP Combat (Rules) - As of Season 3 we are only a "RP before PvP" server, read the rules.
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  • How to Capture - Capture in our game has mechanical functionality that you are expected to use, read this guide on the mechanics, how to set them up and how to use them.
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  • Stealing (Rules) - There are limits on what you can take after PvP. Otherwise, mechnical stealing from containers is disallowed. You may role-play stealing as long as you leave a note/clue.
  • Sieging (Rules) - The storyline has developed to the point where our basic PvP Combat rules don't work? Learn how to start this process.


Season Four
Season Three is ending on Jun 22nd. Season Four soft opening is scheduled for Sunday Night, June 16th. Between now and July 6th, the staff reserve the right to change or shore up any rules in accordance with the season goals. Often, no matter how your write something, someone will make an assumption that needs to be clarified.

Building Damage

It is possible to damage a players building when at least one of the players is online. Damage via melee weapon is pretty useless against most building materials. The cost of building and arming siege equipment is not a casual process. We expect Player vs Building to be a dedicated activity involving storyline/resource gathering, and not used for casual raiding.

Unlock Plus

In fact, we encourage you to "break open" locked doors, locked storage containers and locked crafting stations. We have the server set to allow access to crafting stations and storage containers unless locked. With Unlock Plus players CAN lock crafting stations and storage containers which forces a raider to do partial damage to the object and thus "break it open" with out destroying the item and dumping all the items on the ground to decay. We expect this will be the norm for general looting -- as there is no real need to just destroy more then you can even loot and carry with you.

Further, Unlock Plus allows the same feature to be set on doors. By default, with Unlock Plus installed doors are set to locked so that only clan members (and allies from the Barbarians Of Gor Mod) can open doors. With Unlock Plus the doors can now be partially damaged and thus "broken open". This allows raiders access to their quarry without forcing them to completely take down your front gates to get in. Unlock Plus does allow you to set the doors to always open if you wish.