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Welcome to Barbarians of Gor. Tot!Custom has been added to the server.


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Barbarians of Gor converted from a registration only server to a white-listed application server in early February 2024. While we would have preferred to remain a registration only server we discovered far too many challenges were being presented.

  • Players coming into the server not knowing the server setting or actively intending to ignore the server setting. This creates a great deal of frustration which causes players to leave the server. An application process can help manage expectations and assure current players of a consistent server setting.
  • Actively Engaging new players when they join right here in discord. With an application process we can begin a dialog with new players immediately. Determine their goals for their RP, answer their questions, and most importantly connect them with active players who will be able to help and included them.

Consequently, we implemented an application process.

How to Apply

You are able to log into the server and get your character set up prior to applying. However, you will not be able to leave the new player area until you have completed an application and been given a password.

  • The application is started by reading the information in the discord channel #applications.
  • Once you have read all the information you can click the ticket button to start a new application.
  • The ticket system will ask you for some very basic information before you are able to create a ticket. You must complete this -- partial answers will result in having the application deleted.
  • You can then copy and paste the application form. There is a version of the application provided in a text file that includes all of the formatting.
  • The application team will then discuss your answers with you.
  • Once this process is completed, you will be given the password.
  • Your application always remains open so that you can return to it for further help.
  • You may now select a variety of roles in the #reaction-role channel.

How to be successful

First, we do not expect you to know the Gorean Fiction. We are happy to teach. However, your back story is required.

What we really want to know is that you read the rules and the server setting, and are here to play with the storyline, in the central RP hub, and not go off and do your own thing and dividing the player base.

Finally, let us know how we can keep you involved and active. We want to connect you with current players, and support you when and if your main play partners become in active.

A well worded explanation of why you should play within the setting.

I think a lot of us have missed somehow the main story. We're all in Vargor either as having built it up or because it is the only place built as a refuge. Your characters come to World's End not to conquer or find Torvaldsland. You've come here seeking refuge from the Stygians who are hunting everyone down as they seek to claim the Island for themselves and the gold, etc. This isn't mainland Gor with Torvaldsland, Red Hunters, Ar, Taharians all already existing in their own cities. There is one city with all cultures making it work in one bastion from the Stygian forces. That is why there are several distinct districts within Vargor allowing for freedom of religions even with there being a temple for Northern worship of their own gods. Anything else has missed the point of the whole season storyline. It literally does not matter if you're wagon people, that people, pani people. The starting point for everyone's story is Vargor, safety from the Stygians, mounting defenses against them and obviously eventually we take them out. Once we've gathered together, when we've established this threat is over and in the meanwhile hopefully drawn everyone in to the story. We should be well grown and possibly looking at branching out into a second city. <Read Me>

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to change my nick name to include my character name?
We often try and reach players in discord because Conan Exiles doesn't have persistent chat. It's much easier for us to do this if your discord nick name on our server includes your character(s) name.
Do I have to give my Real Life Age?
If you are not comfortable giving us your real life age, please indicated 18+
Where do I get my FunCom ID?
In Conan, hit esc for the menu. Go to server and then to friend list. At the bottom of the screen is your FunCom ID and you can click the icon to copy it.
Where are the server rules?
Here: Server Rules
Where is the server setting?
Here: Server Setting
What are the race options on the sever.
Your race options are Gorean, Earthling or Hyborian.
Where was my character born?
Many players who don't read don't understand where their character can be from. Your choices are limited to the Gorean Mainland, Modern Day Earth, or the islands of Worlds end. You can NOT have a character born to any land from the Conan series.
What do you mean, how did my character get here.
Our server setting is on a group of very small islands in the middle of the Gorean sea, unless you were born on these islands you had to have travelled here. Tell us how. Mainland Goreans are typically shipwrecked on World's End. Hyborians are typically born on World's End. Modern Earthlings were brought here via space ship.
Why do you need to know if I played Gor on Second Life?
Actually, we don't, but it helps the admin team make decisions on server offerings, as the needs of SL Goreans and Conan Goreans are different, and both are different from those who never played Gor but are from SL or Conan.
Why do you need to know my Gorean experience?
Again, we don't. But it helps us to know who may need extra support and who we can reach out to for help.
Why can't I build my own outpost/town/village/city?
In a nutshell, there are not enough players to divide the player population. In our experience players who primary goal is to start and run their own RP center do it fast and furiously and then bail leaving the new players they gobbled up hanging without storyline. This has proven to be the single most detrimental issue of all prior seasons.
Why can't I play an outcast?
Because if you are an outcast from Vargor you won't be able to role-play in Vargor and will get very frustrated and leave. OR you will try and grow your own group, taking them away from the bulk of the RP in Vargor and frustrate them so they leave.
Can I have a group nearby and allied to Vargor?
Yes you can, but we need you to be located PHYSICALLY close to the main RP hub so that the opportunities for other players from Vargor to interact with you increases due to proximity. This is the current preferred location for your group shown in red.
Can I build in Vargor?
Yes, in fact we prefer that small groups of 1-3 build a home within the city limits as shown in white.
What if I lag in Vargor
We regularly clean up the server and take polls of the lag in Vargor and on the server. At this time our polls indicate that less then 5% of our players lag in Vargor, and almost all of them are on low end computers that lag on most servers. If you still want to play here, knowing that the bulk of the RP is in Vargor, you may build some place else on the map that is less laggy. But you can NOT try and grow your own group out there and divide the player base.
Can I play a Panther?
Absolutely, and you are not obligated to build in or near Vargor, however we strongly encourage you to build in the area most like the Northern Forest which is west of Vargor. There is a trade post there.


Season Three
Season three begins officially on December 15th 2023, after the Conan Update, and we are still in the process of changing over the wiki from Season Two. If you find discrepancies please report it in our discord under the #season-three channel of the server tech category.