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Season Four is in full swing, this is the time to get in on the ground floor and help build a By the Book Gorean community.
PvP Days on Sat, Tues and Thur. PvP Intent on Sun, Mon, Wed and Fri.

Clan (Rules)

From Barbarians of Gor

Season 4: Private clans are being deemphasised in favor of Settlements. While private clans are allowed, we hope that most players will find little need for one, while those that do keep their private clans will additionally join a settlement.

About Clans

There are three types of clans this season:

  1. Settlements: Clans ran as publicly accessible, player-ran settlements, aka town or village. We begin the season with 6 settlements, three in Aurumvale and three in Nordhagen. Four of the towns are also player-managed, while the two starter settlements, Hulneth and Argentora, are admin-managed. The only difference between these is that the new starter settlements have admins who can more easily managed the chaos caused by newly arriving players, however they are as well player-ran.
  2. Private Clans: This is your personal clan, should you for reasons explained Settlement page, require a private clan. We are strongly encouraging everyone to join a settlement and only utilize private clans when necessary.
  3. Public Clans: In addition, we will have a number of ooc clans that players can join on the fly for things such as hunting, PvP games, building a vendor stall, and playing Kaissa. See more below.

Private Clan Rules

  • Must adhere to building restrictions
  • Can only have one of each type of crafting bench, not one per person.

Swapping Clans

When you begin in the start room, the NPC there will ask you which settlement you wish to join. You cannot skip this step. You will need to choose either Hulneth or Argentora. If you know that you are joining one of the other settlements you can choose that here instead. But you must know the password. This password can be gotten from the Settlement officers.

You will be asked if you wish to save your private clan. Hopefully, you read this and realized you didn't actually need a private clan at this time and this step will be skipped.

At this point, you have your settlement clan name "saved" and maybe your "private clan name" saved. The overseer will allow you to swap into and out of your settlement and private clan. (Please note there IS a way to transfer your pets/thralls/mounts into and out of clans as well. Press E on them to transfer ownership before changing clans.)

The Overseer can ALSO join you to some public clans which are:

  • Fair Grounds
  • Kaissa
  • Aurumvale Legions
  • Nord Marauders
  • PvP One
  • PvP Two
  • Hunt One
  • Hunt Two
  • Prey PvP Games
  • Hunter PvP Games