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Season Four is in full swing, this is the time to get in on the ground floor and help build a By the Book Gorean community.
PvP Days on Sat, Tues and Thur. PvP Intent on Sun, Mon, Wed and Fri.


From Barbarians of Gor

I’d like to take a moment to go over what we think is the biggest change from Season 3 to Season 4 – the switch to Settlements. In prior seasons the player focus has been on the clan. And while the clan or gens name is an important aspect of Gorean society, it is not as important as Home Stone. And while we recognize the challenge of the Home Stone in a Gorean role-play community, the fact that our social structure has been clan based has drawn us too far from the server’s focus which is on Gorean society and culture.

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Season Four: Settlements Overview

What is a clan
It is important to understand that the term clan is being used in two different ways. The first is the reference to the Conan Exiles mechanical player grouping function which is called a clan. This is the functionality within the game that allows players to share inventory, a clan channel, have friendly fire, and build together.
The second is the concept of a clan as an insular social group formed around a Gorean family which in most of Gor is the Gens name. The term clan has also been used to refer to the same concept - a small familial group.

The goal this season is to shift the players perspective of their social grouping towards Gorean settlements such as villages, towns and cities with a lesser or secondary acknowledgement of the gens or clan unit in Gorean society.

However, this is going to take some time to reorient everyone’s thinking as we have a lot of players from outside of the Gorean role-play community that have primarily viewed their player groups from the mechanical clan or guild point of view. We are going to take it slow, it will be an iterative process. <Read More>

Our Hopes

It is our hope that this:

  • Improves the onboarding experience for everyone, but specifically for slaves and free women who benefit from being immediately involved with others.
  • Shifts the focus away from clans but to united settlements working together, building Gorean culture and community.
  • Offers more ways for warriors to work with each other by being able to group together in a temporary use clan.
  • Less small clans that need to constantly be monitored by the admins.
  • Easier to manage clans for OOC game play such as the capture games and dungeon crawls.
. . .
Less Separation - More Integration