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From Barbarians of Gor

Roleplaying in Gor runs the gambit from strict to casual. We are a BtB "By the Book" server which means we fall in the strict category. However, like any fiction spanning 30+ books opinions on what is and isn't by the book vary significantly. As a server it is our intention to establish both the bare minimums as well as help role-players adapt to any differences between the main land of Gor and this remote land of New Sardar.



Gorean Roleplay as it directly relates to Barbarians of Gor.

  1. This wiki will not teach you how to role-play within Gor, however we have put together some general points you may very well wish to consider before you dive in. <Read More>
  2. This wiki will not seek to define what is or is not "By The Book", as individual opinions vary significantly. We feel that any discrepancies in interpretation can be handled in character or within individual clans and towns.
  3. This wiki however will define the barest minimums expected for all players as well as any necessary adjustments because of the game environment.


Our server offers three "races" for players to choose from; Gorean, Hyborian and Earthling. (These races are less actual races and more references to geographical locations like we might say Asian or European.)

  • Goreans are those characters who were born on the mainland of Gor which includes the large continent and surrounding islands represented in the book series by John Norman.
  • Hyborians are those characters who were also born on the planet of Gor but specifically from an unknown region of the planet generally referred to as World's End by the Gorean mainlanders. These Hyborians are the descendants of humans taken from Earth's far history, more then 10,000 years ago.
  • Earthlings are those characters taken from modern day earth to be brought to Gor primarily to become slaves.

Further information for those new to the fiction can be found here: <Read Me>

General Appearance

All avatars must meet the minimum standards, no exceptions. Admins reserve the right to make changes to your avatar to meet this minimum level of immersion. Repeat offenses will result in loss of white list status and or possible banning.

  • Adult (sexually mature) avatars are required. Character must be 18+.
  • Human looking avatars with naturally occurring body, hair, eyes and skin are required. (Albinos, or similarly rare genetic disorders, require special permission.)
  • Grossly disproportionate avatar shapes are not allowed.
  • Regardless of item availability medieval clothing is required. (Short shorts are not acceptable)
  • Less than full platemail regardless of item availability. More on this below.
  • No use of undead pets/mounts or anything that is not plausible to the Gorean universe. Dogs and wolves are fine, flaming undead dogs are not.

By the Book

It is our intention to create a game environment that is suitable for By the Book Gorean role-players. We have carefully curated our selection of mods and scripts with this in mind, and intend to continue doing so. However, there are limits on what we are willing to enforce. <Read Me>

In Character Restrictions

'Updated 5/29/24 Weapons for FW have been changed. There are codified rules on how you must dress and act on Gor. Many of these are actual laws in some of the cities and can be enforced in character with a wide variety of punishments. These minimum restrictions apply to all characters regardless of their background -- Hyborians are not exempt from these rules. These standards are much more flexible than the books and is intended to be a compromise between the ideal and the reality of role-play. Do not ignore this list, we will enforce it if necessary. <Read Me>


Conan Exiles has functioning combat NPCs called Thralls. These thralls can be used in almost any fictional way a player can imagine including a free man of their clan, a free woman of their clan, a guard protecting them, an owner, a free companion, a slave, etc. We encourage free women and slaves to make use of these thralls as their primary mode of combat using what is known as an "authority build", in which the thralls fight for you allowing you to maintain the fiction of being non-combative. These thralls also allow free women and slaves the freedom to travel with the fiction that they are either "with their guards" or "in the company of their owner/clan free men". However, please note that the IC restrictions for woman and weapons still applies -- a "slave thrall" walking around with a two handed sword is not by the book.

The word "Thrall" in Conan Exiles refers to the the mechanical NPC of any gender and is not the same as the Gorean thrall of Torvaldsland.


I have written a number of articles to help assimilate you into our server setting. These articles are listed below.


Season Three
Season three begins officially on December 15th 2023, after the Conan Update, and we are still in the process of changing over the wiki from Season Two. If you find discrepancies please report it in our discord under the #season-three channel of the server tech category.

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