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Welcome to Barbarians of Gor. Tot!Custom has been added to the server.

Barbarians Of Gor Mod

From Barbarians of Gor

The primary function of the BoG Mod is to introduce War Horns and Clan allies. Non-allied clans are limited to three members. The mod includes other random additions such as brands and a modesty layer. Steam Workshop Link

War Horns

The base game craftable war horn (the tall white ones) now have the following functionality for use by all clans and solo players.

  • The horn can be set to one of three statuses: passive/attack none, guard area, and agressive/attack all. The mode will display over the horn as float text.
  • Once set the horn can be simply interacted with to blow a sound and set all clan NPCs and Pets to the mode assigned. Will ignore pets set on follow.
  • This horns are accessible by clan members and allies.

How to Use

  • The ally horn allows you to change the engagement setting of all the thralls in the clan NOT on follow to a player.
  • The horn functions in the same way as if a player went around to all of the guards and manually changed the setting.
To use the horn
Press and hold the interact key on the horn, select the engagement mode, and then further select passive, guard area or attack all. This sets the mode to be used but does not issue the change.
Then single tap the interact key to cause the set command to activate. All thralls in "hearing" range NOT following, belonging to the clan, will be set to the engagement chosen.
Please the horn changes the engagement in the same way any player in the clan could, its always a good idea to check your thralls engagement setting after you have commanded them to follow you.
Further, the war horn command (press and hold T) can be used to change the engagement setting of the thrall/pet at a distance.

Allied Clans

The admins can set a clan to be a leadership clan. Leadership clans can not ally to each other. To have your clan set up as a leadership clan, open a ticket in discord.

Once a clan has been set as a leadership the following functionality is available:

  1. Allied clan members will not be attacked by Leadership Clans Thralls and Pets.
  2. Allied clan members will do friendly fire between the members of other allied clans and the Leadership Clan.
  3. Leadership clan guild master and officers can invite the guild master or officers of another clan to ally.
  4. Clan guild master or officers (either leadership or allied clan) can remove the alliance.
What Else
  • Damage done between players by the truncheon is not reduced to the level of friendly fire - be careful!
  • The server is set to allow everyone access to crafting stations and storage unless locked by Unlock Plus, no additional functionality was needed in addition to that.
  • An Ally Doorbell that can be placed near clan doors. Using the bell will allow any allies to open the door even if locked. It can be crafted on the Artisan Table. This works on the door closest to the bell.
  • Additional security can be acquired by using the Pippi Egress doors which have things like passwords. Egress doors can be purchased in the OOC Area.
  • Shared storage can be put behind an "egress" door which can be password protected so open containers can be shared. The door can be purchased in the OOC Area.


  • Modesty Layer craftable at the dye station.
  • 3 Brand Layers craftable at the dye station; kef, dina and Torvaldsland.
  • Turned off corruption
  • The recipe for Tablets of Power has been removed and Fragments do not give extra knowledge points.
  • Removed the Cartographer feat and the map room recipe.
  • Disabled the eclipse effect
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Season Three
Season three begins officially on December 15th 2023, after the Conan Update, and we are still in the process of changing over the wiki from Season Two. If you find discrepancies please report it in our discord under the #season-three channel of the server tech category.