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Season Four is in full swing, this is the time to get in on the ground floor and help build a By the Book Gorean community.
PvP Days on Sat, Tues and Thur. PvP Intent on Sun, Mon, Wed and Fri.

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From Barbarians of Gor

Season Four will be on New Tabor which is represented by the Savage Wilds map. A build area spanning from the southern savannahs to the snow line, along the two inland lakes will be available. The design this season is for the build area to be along one “Merchant Road” rather than in a wagon wheel like it is now.

There is a northern non-caste hub called Hulneth, and a southern caste hub called Argentora. There are five additional regions, and players may choose to live where they wish, and the collective community in each region will decide the laws of Nordhagen and Aurumvale. Due to simplicity, we will be keeping only two sets of laws, and with the exception for local laws, the civic laws apply to all of the regions in the territory.

The two hubs, Hulneth (in Nordhagen), and Argentora (in Aurumvale) will be admin-managed player-ran PUBLIC clans. With the switch to Tot, we gain the ability for players to switch clans via their scripting language.

  • Independent clans are limited to six people
  • Any clan that wishes to grow beyond six must convert to a public settlement that allows for any player to join and for the settlement leadership (clan guild master) to be changed in role-play.

Because we can set up for players to easily switch clans, it is going to be very viable for players to be in a small clan AS WELL AS being a member of a nearby settlement or one of the two hubs.

What Happened?

The decision to leave the familiar shores of New Sardar was not one taken lightly. For generations, the people of this fair island had lived and laughed and loved, their lives shaped by the sharp challenges of the land. Yet, as the years passed, a growing sense of unease began to take hold, a feeling that their very way of life was under threat.

It began with rumors, whispers carried on the wind of a rare ore, one not native to the soils of New Sardar but abundant on the distant shores of New Tabor. This was Eldarium, a metal of unparalleled strength and resilience, said to be the key to forging the weapons that would give them an edge against their relentless foes. And though the people of New Sardar had long made do with the resources at hand, the lure of Eldarium, of the security it represented, proved too great to resist.

Yet, it was not just the promise of Eldarium that spurred the exodus. The long and brutal conflict with the Stygians, those dark-robed warriors from the shadowed lands, had made it clear that the survival of the Goreans hung in the balance. And while, The knowledge of the physician caste was deep and founded in the ancient ways of the earth, their medicine was hobbled by a lack of technology, leaving them ill-equipped to combat the threat of unknown plagues and diseases.

It was only recently, Tiberius Rau, the administrator of the Argentum colony on the Island of Last End finally was about to recreate the power cells needed for medical advancement. And it was the people of Murun, that great metropolis on the shores of New Tabor, who would lead the way in unlocking the secrets of this technology. The builders and physicians of Murun, with their understanding of the mechanical and medical arts, would be the ones to bring this knowledge to fruition, to recreate the advanced machines and medicines that made Gor a world of wonder and discovery. Yet, Gorean politics clouded by Hyborian stubbornness would see the people of Murun refusing to share their technology. The people of Last End furious with the broken promise to trade medicines for power cells had declared war on their island neighbor.

Drawn by the promise of Eldarium, and the plunder of Murun medical technology, more and more Goreans made the decision to leave New Sardar. The people of New Sardar were not fleeing, they were forging a new path, one that would lead them into a future of unparalleled possibility. And though the road ahead would be fraught with challenge, they walked it with their heads held high, their hearts filled with the indomitable will to survive, to thrive, and to create a new home, a new Gorean way, amidst the untamed beauty of New Tabor.

Changing This Season

Crafting & Harvesting
Season Four: All of the crafting benches are available via /warp craft or by talking to one of the Caravan Masters. This season build kits have been removed, crafting and storage are encouraged to be in basements, harvest respawn has been lowered. <Read More>
Building and Bases (Rules)
Season 4: Private clans are being de-emphasized in favor of Gorean settlements. The build area is restricted to the COLORED highlighted areas on the map. No residential building is allowed in the Fair Grounds. There are new pre-built buildings available this season at the /warp craft area. <Read More>
Home Stone, Law and Outlaws
How do we handle Home Stones? What are laws versus codes, rights and tradition? What does it mean to be an outlaw? What are Local Laws and how do they differ in Season Four from Civic laws? <Read Me>
In Character Restrictions
Updated 6/13/24 Chainmail has been restricted. There are codified rules on how you must dress and act on Gor. Many of these are actual laws in some of the cities and can be enforced in character with a wide variety of punishments. These minimum restrictions apply to all characters regardless of their background -- Hyborians are not exempt from these rules. These standards are much more flexible than the books and is intended to be a compromise between the ideal and the reality of role-play. Do not ignore this list, we will enforce it if necessary. <Read Me>
Stealing (Rules)
Season 4: Lockpicking and Breaking down doors now functions as part of the RPR Dice system. While stealing does happen in the fiction of Gor, and while we are interested in game items and materials having value, we are opting not to implement mechanical stealing on this server. This will include taking items out of open containers but NOT from stealing items off players as part of PvP. Role-play (only) stealing is acceptable and we have tools such as Ravencrest mod to support it. <Read More>
Updated Mod List
Player Vendors
New in Season 4: Tot uses a player vendor which is called a Tot Trader NPC. Traders can be purchased on a vendor in the /warp craft area. Traders must be placed at the fair grounds under either your private clan or settlement clan. Please clearly name your Traders with your clan or character name. <Read More>
Clan (Rules)
Season 4: Private clans are being deemphasised in favor of Settlements. While private clans are allowed, we hope that most players will find little need for one, while those that do keep their private clans will additionally join a settlement. <Read More>
PvP Combat (Rules)
Season Four The server this season is /pvp intent using the Tot!Chat feature while within the populated build area, and attack on site (AOS was War Mode) when outside of the build zone. The fair grounds are a role-play enforced safe zone. <Read More>

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