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Barbarians of Gor is a by the book (BtB) Gorean role-play server that is set in a group of islands many hundreds of pasangs west of the mainland in the middle of Thassa (the sea). The group of islands is collectively known as World's End, and this season we are playing on the island of New Sardar (Exile Lands Map). Goreans, from the mainland, are marooned on these islands with no opportunity to return home and must make the best of it on a small island surrounded by hostile flora, fauna and natives. This island is less then 200 pasang square and numbers a population in the thousands, not tens of thousands.

This season the people of Vargor have pushed back the Stygians and begin to expand into the nearby protectorates. All story and role-play is centered around the immediate area of Vargor with its different cultures and regions.

How will your character adapt to an unfamiliar land and the making of allies from those once enemies? Some things will change simply because you aren't in Kansas any more, and some things will remain the same. Only the adaptable will survive.

While it is valid for a character to be antagonistic towards other cultures, the setting is one of survival and characters may have to “adapt or die”. We encourage players to moderate their BtB opinions against the reality of the setting. There are many examples in the books of characters integrating, however temporarily, into situations not of their Home Stone/Land.


Land Mass
World's End lies somewhere west of the known world of the Gorean mainland on the Planet of Gor. In our Barbarian's of Gor fiction "World's End" refers to both the myth of lands in the western part of Thassa (the sea) as well as specifically to the island from Season Two which was played on the Conan Siptah Map. <Read Me>
For most things, including population, we follow the rule of WYSIWYG which means "What you see is what you get". Consequently, the population of World's End is directly related to the number of hostile NPCs, NPC thralls and players found in the game world. All players may count their fictional clan size to include themselves, their actual player clan members, and any human combat/craft companions (aka thralls) the clan members actually have, including those on crafting benches. <Read Me>


Vargor, the RP Hub
Barbarians of Gor has one primary role-play hub with many regions such as; a northern Gor non-caste district, a central Gor greco-roman district, a southern Gor desert district, and an asian district. All role-play, events and server storylines are central to Vargor and its immediate surroundings. Vargor is reminiscent of many northern free ports such as Kassau, Skjern, and Lydius. The regions around the central town proper are comprised of cultural unique areas, many of which are directly allied to Vargor as protectorates. Small allied clans are settled in the surrounding area and are easily accessible via foot, mount or caravan.

Vargor is player run not admin run, with leadership positions being chosen by election. The future of Vargor is in the hands of the players and the developing role-play. <Read More>
Vargor, Laws & Elections
Most Gorean behavior is dictated by tradition rather than law. Goreans are, for the most part, traditionalists and law abiding. Vargor's laws specifically address modesty, theft, property damage, assault, merchant law, submission, and slave law. Most minor issues are handled by immediate ruling or challenge, with more significant issues being brought before the court for litigation. <Read More>
Turan Cliffs Turan Cliffs is home to any who hail from the southern deserts of Gor such as the cities of Turia, Tor and Turmas. The region is lead by a Pasha who sits in the Kasbash in the regions center. The build style of the region is desert/moroccan. <Read More>
Torvaldsaer Torvaldsaer in the far north west corner of Vargor is home to those who hail from Torvaldsland. The building style is strictly viking. The region is ruled by a High Jarl when one is chosen. <Read More>
Argentum Hills Argentum Hills is home to those who hail from central Gor north of the Tahari and south of the Laurius river. The building style is strictly greco-roman. The region is ruled by a patrician when one is chosen. <Read More>
Mizu Valley In the far south east of the Vargor area lies a rich tropical valley that is currently home to the Pani. The leader of the region is known as the Kijin. The building style in this area is asian. <Read More>
Northern Trade Post On the border of the Tur Woods and Vargor is a region loosing identified as the Norther Trade Post. It is home to a wide variety of residents from the mainland north of the Laurius. The building style in this area is predominantly wood and plaster ranging from rustic cabins to little Tudor cottages. (This region is only now developing and new players are encouraged to join the channel and get involved.) <Read More>
Vagon Plains In the far southwest lies an area of plains that attract those of a nomadic life such as the Alar, Red Hunters, Red Savages, Wagon People and even some Tahari nomads. The region is currently contested by the Stygians and unable to organize properly. (You can build here but the region isn't officially recognized by Vargor, consider joining an active region unless you have the means to grow a large nomadic clan -- in which case please reach out via discord ticket to staff.) <Read More>
Karian Outpost In the central south lies an area of desert plateaus and deep canons. Due to the nearness of the Stone Ship, most avoid this region. The region is currently contested by the Stygians and unable to organize properly. (You can build here but the region isn't officially recognized by Vargor, consider joining an active region unless you have the means to grow a large outlaw clan -- in which case please reach out via discord ticket to staff.) <Read More>


Season 3 Fiction

The volcano's silence was a blessing and a curse. Returning Gorean settlers, weary from battle on a neighboring isle, found not the expected eruptions, but instead a land in upheaval. The native Stygians, seizing opportunity in the chaos, had risen to reclaim their territories from the would-be invaders. The settlers were forced to regroup around Telith's Island, its valley rich in resources and natural defenses. Months of bitter fighting ensued, until a final, decisive assault on the Stygian fortress ended the threat in a blaze of fire and rubble.

Yet, with the immediate danger past, a new kind of storm clouds gather. The fragile unity forged in battle begins to fray. Some protectorates remain loyal to the Vargor banner, but others - the Karian Outpost, Vagon Plains, Northern Tradepost - have declared their independence, embracing a lawless existence on the fringes of the fledgling civilization.

The political landscape seethes with tension. Will Torvaldsaer's growing numbers cleave them from Vargor's alliance, or will they remain loyal? Can Argentum Hills muster enough strength to preserve the Gorean caste system in this untamed land? Turan Cliffs teeters on the brink - will they turn their backs on the Ubar and join the outlaws of the Karian Outpost? The Wagon People and other nomadic tribes of the Vagon Plains have choices to make - will they find common cause with those of the north, or forge their own path? And as always the might and honor of the enigmatic Pani people leave all wondering where their swords will stand.

This is a crucible, a powder keg of rival interests and conflicting desires. Alliances will be forged and broken, heroes will rise and fall, and the very soul of this young nation hangs in the balance. What will be the fate of this tumultuous land, where the only constant is change?




Barbarians of Gor allows players to transport their previous Gorean characters into our setting through mishaps while sailing. For those characters who are unlikely to get on a ship, we allow a generic hand waving of "I don't know how I got here" with the implication that someone brought them here against their will.

Those with modern-day Earth-born characters are encouraged to have their character know enough Gorean to get by but can otherwise have arrived here directly via spaceship or have first gone to the mainland and then arrived via a sea vessel mishap.

Hyborian characters have all been born on one of the three islands shown on the map; New Sardar (Exile Map), World's End (Siptah Map), or New Tabor (Savage Wild Map). There is no other place that Hyborian characters to have been born - the whole of the Conan world existed 10,000 years before our current fiction - and on another planet. Additionally, these three islands are small and do not have large cities. For example, New Sardar has only Vargor, Sepermeru, and Asgard. New Tabor has only Muran. There is no main city on World's End.

New Story

Free Persons
Your character's story arc must now align with the world in which they find themselves. Their Home Stone is far from here and there is no reasonable chance of return. There is nothing to be gained as an outlaw, you must join forces with the other Goreans.
For the success of the server we are not accepting characters who intend to "go their own way" and divide the player base. To reach a point where multiple RP centers can co-exist we must first grow the current population, for as we all know - if new players can't find RP quickly, they do not stay. <Read Me>
Every server/sim has a slightly different set of rules as to how a player can go about playing their slave role. This article will seek to address the most commonly asked questions, such as who do I get an owner, how do I change owners, can I use weapons, where can I go, what should I do? <Read Me>


Our server offers three "races" for players to choose from; Gorean, Hyborian and Earthling. (These races are less actual races and more references to geographical locations like we might say Asian or European.)

  • Goreans are those characters who were born on the mainland of Gor which includes the large continent and surrounding islands represented in the book series by John Norman.
  • Hyborians are those characters who were also born on the planet of Gor but specifically from an unknown region of the planet generally referred to as World's End by the Gorean mainlanders. These Hyborians are the descendants of humans taken from Earth's far history, more then 10,000 years ago.
  • Earthlings are those characters taken from modern day earth to be brought to Gor primarily to become slaves.

Further information for those new to the fiction can be found here: <Read Me>


Best Practices

By the Book

It is our intention to create a game environment that is suitable for By the Book Gorean role-players. We have carefully curated our selection of mods and scripts with this in mind, and intend to continue doing so. However, there are limits on what we are willing to enforce. <Read Me>

In Character Restrictions

'Updated 5/29/24 Weapons for FW have been changed. There are codified rules on how you must dress and act on Gor. Many of these are actual laws in some of the cities and can be enforced in character with a wide variety of punishments. These minimum restrictions apply to all characters regardless of their background -- Hyborians are not exempt from these rules. These standards are much more flexible than the books and is intended to be a compromise between the ideal and the reality of role-play. Do not ignore this list, we will enforce it if necessary. <Read Me>

Caste, a Reality Check

Caste is a function of populated areas, much like our modern day unions. Caste on Gor is also a function of tradition. Realistically, there is little need for caste structure in a town as small as Vargor, however, when Goreans settled the area they would seek to re-establish comforting traditions.

The value of caste at its simplest form is an exchange of knowledge and standards. In a larger area the caste system of Gor would offer such things as loans, education and pensions/insurance. This is not likely in a settlement such as Vargor and the role of Caste functions primarily as an educational and organizational body.

While some cultures on Gor didn't have caste, that is largely a by product of low populations or nomadic life styles. The general on-line role-play push back by these people towards "caste" is more authentically against "city living". A valid contention both in the Gorean fiction as well as our own earth history. <Read Me>


Medicine on Gor is surprisingly advanced for the setting, especially in the bigger cities. Most of that medicine is available on this island. However there does seem to be some rather advanced herbalism and alchemistry; it is probably very unfamiliar to most main land physicians, but should be easy enough to learn. (Torvaldsland and other barbarian tribe "healers" would pick it up just as fast.) <Read Me>

Slavery is a Sliding Scale

The transition of a free woman to slave is not like a light switch where one moment she is a free woman the next she is a slave. There are a series of actions and decisions that drive a free women in to the generally irreversible position of slave. This article is a general concept document for new to Gor players. <Read More>


Conan Exiles has functioning combat NPCs called Thralls. These thralls can be used in almost any fictional way a player can imagine including a free man of their clan, a free woman of their clan, a guard protecting them, an owner, a free companion, a slave, etc. We encourage free women and slaves to make use of these thralls as their primary mode of combat using what is known as an "authority build", in which the thralls fight for you allowing you to maintain the fiction of being non-combative. These thralls also allow free women and slaves the freedom to travel with the fiction that they are either "with their guards" or "in the company of their owner/clan free men". However, please note that the IC restrictions for women and weapons still apply -- a "slave thrall" walking around with a two-handed sword is not by the book.

The word "Thrall" in Conan Exiles refers to the mechanical NPC of any gender and is not the same as the Gorean thrall of Torvaldsland.

Conflict Progression and Resolution

This article will serve to act as a “good practice” article that combines both generally agreed upon practices as well as how those practices are implemented on Barbarians of Gor. <Read Me>


Season Three
Season three begins officially on December 15th 2023, after the Conan Update, and we are still in the process of changing over the wiki from Season Two. If you find discrepancies please report it in our discord under the #season-three channel of the server tech category.