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Welcome to Barbarians of Gor. Season Three is Ending and Season Four begins on June 22nd.
There will be a soft opening for Season Four Sunday Night June 16th.

Devious Desires

From Barbarians of Gor

Devious Desires and Restricted Exiles are both BDSM/kink mods that do not work together. The server uses both because they each offer different functionality.

Devious Desires and Restricted Exiles were FORCED to work together by our own mod. They have been DECOUPLED and now work separately. It will take some time for these two pages to updated to reflect the new recommendations for capture.


We recommend the following settings for Restricted Exiles (Shift L)
  • Turn off allow inventory access as this is handled better by Devious Desires which allows the option to block access unless restricted. Exception: This may be requested as part of PvP Raiding.
  • Turn off allow hard core restricted access as this is handled better by Devious Desires
  • Turn off enable training because we are not using it -- the settings are effectively disabled and the equipment to train with has been removed.
  • The marks system has been disabled.

We recommend the following settings for Devious Desires (Shift H -> Gear Icon)
  • Set allow inventory access to "when restricted". This will allow you to be searched for weapons, keys and lock picks when restrained by tightened bindings such as cuffs and shackles.
  • Set allow restraints to "always". This will allow others to interact with the restraints you are currently wearing, restraints you have in your inventory and restraints they have in their inventory. Setting this to white listed or only when restrained have consequences in PvP Raid situations.


How to Capture

You will wish to have collar and cuffs on you, as well as lock and key, and of course lock picks to get items off you or others. Devious Desires has craftable lock and key, lock picks and special knifes to cut items with. To capture another player you must knock them out. You should then immediately extend the knock out time so you can perform the next steps.

You need to act quickly:

  • Hold the interact key over the player's corpse to extend unconsiousness.
  • Tap the interact key to access the players paperdoll/inventory, click the accessories button on the right side of the paper doll, go to the restraints tab and drag a collar, cuffs or other restraints on to the player.
  • If they have the Set allow restraints to "always" for Devious Desires AS instructed, you can then access Devious Desires on the player radial wheel to manage restraints and then lock the collar, lock the bindings, and tighten the bindings.
  • If you do not do this quickly and the player runs or is able to remove the equipment before locked or tightened, you will have to knock them out again.
  • However, if the player has not Set allow restraints to "always" for Devious Desires your only recourse is to hold the interaction key on them and go (to the next step) and via restricted exiles attach the leash on them (which must be equipped and on your hotbar). The person should be informed that they are in violation of the rules and must accept an auto capture at this point.
  • Once you have put the collar on the player you will want to equip bindings and leash them (chain bindings) so they can't run off. To leash a player hold the interact menu and select Restricted Exiles and leash.
  • Once the player is restrained (by tightening the bindings) you should now be able to access their inventory to remove weapons, keys, lock picks, clothes, supplies, etc.
  • You MUST aid the player or they will have a conan death and be gone ...

Second Life Comparison
  • In second life this process was delay by the addition of required role-play lines - this is unnecessary here, the mechanical process is enough of a delay with possible options to escape.
  • Again, unlike SL, there is no reason to force additional role-play lines to prove this is happening.

How to be Collared

We assume that you have Set allow restraints to "always" for Devious Desires and thus someone else can put a collar on you via access to your restraints. If you already have a collar on it can be easily removed if not locked, or if locked, it will need to be cut off or opened with lock picks.

Once you have put the collar on your capture/property you can lock the collar with a lock and key.

Q & A

If I have Set allow restraints to "always" for Devious Desires can someone just come up and putting a restraint on me?
Yes, however they still have to get it locked or you can just remove it. And they will have to leash you (chain bindings) in addition or you will just be able to run away.
Does someone have to role-play with me before putting a VALID restraint on me?
Yes, unless they have knocked you out. A player must use the entire mechanical system of knock out and access accessory plus manage restraints OR they must role-play with you and receive a response before simply mechanically restraining you.
Are there two manage restraints?
Kinda. There is access to accessories when a player is unconscious which they can not turn off -- this is a function of the Restricted Exiles mod. Then there is restraint access via Devious Desires which can be set as discussed under the Devious Desires settings explained above.
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Season Four
Season Three is ending on Jun 22nd. Season Four soft opening is scheduled for Sunday Night, June 16th. Between now and July 6th, the staff reserve the right to change or shore up any rules in accordance with the season goals. Often, no matter how your write something, someone will make an assumption that needs to be clarified.