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Welcome to Barbarians of Gor. Tot!Custom has been added to the server.

Discord (Rules)

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Discord Community Guidelines and Terms of Service

In accordance with Discord's Community Guidelines and Terms of Service, these guidelines govern user behavior on Discord and outline what is and isn’t acceptable in all communities. While many of these things are common sense, they should still be incorporated into your rules so that there is a clear expectation set among members as to how they should behave. Some key prohibited behaviors include:

  • No doxxing or harassment (especially threats on someone’s life/property) or encouraging self harm
  • No spamming, phishing, or attempting to steal another user’s account (broadly speaking, one could consider this “no spamming or scamming”)
  • No child porn, revenge porn or gore/animal cruelty anywhere in the server, while other NSFW content should be limited to properly marked channels
  • No sharing pirated content

The Discord Terms of Service outlines a few additional caveats to using Discord, including the following

  • You must be 13 years or older to use Discord AND 18+ years or older to join this server.
  • Distributing “auto,” “macro,” or “cheat utility” programs as well as providing hacked/modded game software through Discord is prohibited.

To which we add the following restrictions in general accordance with Discord's recommendations.

  • Discriminatory jokes and language related to one’s race, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion, politics, etc. are prohibited.
  • Content that includes discussions of nudity, sexuality and violence is considered NSFW content and should occur only in the properly marked channels.

General Etiquette Rules

Again in accordance with Discord recommendation the following general etiquette rules are in play:

No Trolling, Discussing Offensive/Controversial Material, Elitism, Disrespecting Server Staff, Incitement, Punishment Evasion, Inappropriate User Profiles, Advertisement and Speaking languages not understood by the server.

Rule Enforcement

Will be on a case by case basis until we reach a larger server population. Appeals should be handled privately with one of the Admins until a moderation ticket system can be implemented.


Season Three
Season three begins officially on December 15th 2023, after the Conan Update, and we are still in the process of changing over the wiki from Season Two. If you find discrepancies please report it in our discord under the #season-three channel of the server tech category.