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Welcome to Barbarians of Gor. Tot!Custom has been added to the server.

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Barbarians of Gor is set in the virtual world of Conan Exiles. Conan Exiles is available from Steam. There is a significantly discounted version of the game from CD Keys. If you need help purchasing the game please open a ticket. We highly recommend launching the game through Steam as we use custom mods which are automatically downloaded and installed when the server is launched through Steam.

Our server is set up to promote group play and is not intended to be viable as a solo player. Even small clans will want to work with other clans to meet the needs of large building and thrall projects. Additionally, many of the new features, such as sorcery and golems have been restricted or eliminated to fit the fiction of Gor. Gor is a harsh world, and the game play matches that.

We are not taking suggestions for new mods, or different mods. It is our intention to keep our mod list small and tight and basic. IF and WHEN we are ready to reconsider our mod selection we WILL open it up to the player base and the player council. We are not however willing or even ABLE to simply "add a mod" cuz you personally want it.

Base Game

Faster Game Load
Updates to the custom mods requires both the server and client to download and restart. Unfortunately, Conan does this is a terrible way which can result in numerous restarts of both Conan Exiles and Steam. There is a work around that makes the process a little more reliable. <Read More>
Base Game Wiki
Conan Exiles Fandom Wiki
Crafting & Harvesting
Our main goal for season three is to strongly encourage players to role-play within a centralized location. To that end, we are offering one main role-play hub with three cultural districts. Additionally, we have centralized the crafting into the main hub and players will need to go into town to craft. <Read More>
Items/Knowledge Disabled
  • Sorcery - The sorcery book has been blocked off in game as it does not suit our fiction.
  • Golems are not available
  • Map Room is disabled
  • Corruption is reduced/disabled
  • Tablets of Power are removed, and Fragments of Power do not give additional knowledge points.
Feats/Knowledge Points
We have opted not to install "Gorean Castes" as the limitation on available points per person will effectively require specialization for high end content or force generalization in low end content. We think this will work just fine and saves us work and offers players more flexibility.
However, the potion which resets feats has been limited. It is no longer craftable but can be found by farming. Additionally, there is a kit available for 1 potion every 14 days.
Building Tips & Tricks
We have complied a collection of tips and tricks on how to build in Conan Exiles, especially tips on how to reduce lag for yourself and other players. <Read More>
Friendly Fire
Friendly fire can not be completely disabled on a PvP server, however we have turned the value down as far as it will go and encourage you to learn how to shoot the enemy and not your clan mates.

Custom Modifications

Custom Mods, About
What you must know about custom modifications on this server. Please read before reporting bugs, problems or feature requests. <Read More>
Update, Conan Exiles
What to expect with a Conan Exile update. What you should do in preparation. How should you manage your expectations. What do the server staff have to do. <Read More>
Animal and Horse Taming Places
Has additional crafting stations for taming horses and animals. These stations are smaller and easier to build with than the overly large stables.
Aphrodite Water
Arena Piers
A building mod with extra docks and half height walls.
Barbarian Barber
Adds additional hair styles for your avatar, accessible via Improved Quality of Life (Shift-M).
Better Thralls (Settings accessible on the left side of your inventory screen)
Offers increased functionality for thralls; Pickup Thralls / Pets, Fall Damage Reduction, Warcry (Press and Hold T key), Lamplighter, Force Truncheon and Thrall Carry. <Manual>
Barbarians Of Gor Mod
The primary function of the BoG Mod is to introduce War Horns and Clan allies. Non-allied clans are limited to three members. The mod includes other random additions such as brands and a modesty layer. Steam Workshop Link <Read More>
Beyond Decor
We started with just Beyond Decor Rustic, and added the base mod to Season 3.
Beyond Decor Rustic
Beyond Decor Rustic offers a wide selection of decorative placeable is trainable with feats in the knowledge section and almost all of the items are crafted at the artisan table.
Beyond Rustic uses a custom system that allows for changeable objects as well as colors. With this new system, you will be able to change a much greater amount of colors for almost every object, creating very unique looks to your homes. In order to use this system hold your interact key on the decoration and select the Beyond Rustic logo on the menu wheel. To your right, you will be able to see all the different variations that this item has to offer. Select a variation in order to choose it. Next, right underneath, you will be able to cycle through numbers ( 0,1,2,3,4..) and each of these numbers will allow you to change the color of a different part on the object. Some have none available, while others have many. Make sure to take a look!
Dangerous Exile AHDS (On the game quit menu)
Alternative health and death system 3.1.0 knocks players out on initial death. We still have settings that allow for true death after knock out. To access the aid and other options on the player press and hold the interact key and select the option from the radial menu. <Read More>
Devious Desires (Shift-H and Devious Workbench)
Devious desires is an enhanced animation modification for both general use, slave positions and ERP scenes. This mod also comes with more ERP props which can be crafted at the Devious Workbench.
Dudes Creative Constructions
Has additional building materials for Castles, Bathhouses, and Tudor not available on the construction hammer, look at Journeyman Mason in your knowledge tree. NOTE: Three of his building work benches are hidden on the construction hammer crafting station tab at the very bottom in an unlabeled category. See picture:
This is a small mod that allows for the crafting of various new merchant stalls via the construction hammer.
Emberlight is a massive mod with a great deal of additional features; serving dishes, bindable bed pillows, more storage containers, ability to combing leather to make thick leather, horticulture for decorative plants, animal husbandry for farming hides, fur and meat, wine maker and silkworms. (Manual)
Immersive Armors
Adds 500+ armors, weapons and accessories to the game. Currently only purchasable for pippi coin. Since the last update of Conan in March of 2023, equipping some of these items is causing the game client to crash. It does not happen to everyone, and it doesn't happen all the time. And once you have put the item in your fashionist slot it stays there and is fine and causes no further trouble. The items are really just so good, that we felt most players would opt to deal with this rather then not have them at all. We apologise in advance for the frustration and will update the mod just as soon as the programmer releases a fix.
Improved NPC Engagement - v1.0.1
Juvilia's Crabby Fashion
Less Building Placement Restrictions
This mod is what allows players to layer walls and fences to create more interesting aesthetics. It is used in conjunction with Pythagoras: Expanded Building.
An simple mod that provides a control panel for other mods.
New Faces, Male
New Faces, Female
Northern Timber
An additional set of building materials accessible from the construction hammer.
Conan Server Admin Mod which also provides player vendors which we will make available upon request. Limits apply.
Pythagoras Expanded Building
This mod introduces new building items which increase the available snap points and stability of building. Available from the construction hammer.
RavenCrest Couriers
Allows players to write more types of books and letters then is allowable in base game, as well as keeping carrier birds which deliver messages and objects to others with bird coops or mailboxes. The mail boxes allow a player to attack a mail box to their home and receive drop offs from both players and birds. Allows for equippable birds which will track NPCs and players! Place anywhere notes for other players. Manual
Restricted Exiles (Shift-L)
Restricted exiles is a basic player capture mod that allows players to knock another unconscious and then collar, bind and leash them. <Read More>
Roleplay Redeux (Shift R)
A collection of role-play support features. We are using the lock picking, the bio, the map overlay and the seeking RP features. But not the dice.. <Read More>
Sand and Stone
A building mod with Tahari style building parts.
Shani’s Stuff
Adds additional deco items. Recipes for Shani's stuff can be found at the Shani vendor at the Sardar Fair.
Simple Minimap
A minimap. The mini map can be toggled on and off by clicking the very very upper right corner of the screen where an invisible button is sitting.
Stack Size Plus (Admin menu available on any container radial wheel menu)
Increased the default stack size of items by a factor of 3.
Tot Custom
Tot! Custom is a comprehensive Avatar customization and armor, weapon, and accessories appearance mod. <Read More>
Unlock Plus (Settings accessible on the left side of your inventory screen)
Our base game settings allow anyone to access crafting stations and storage containers, while restricting door access to anyone but clan members. Unlock plus extends that functionality so that crafting stations and containers can be locked to anyone but clan members, and doors can be set to unlocked allowing anyone to open them. Additionally, unlock plus allows users to see most of the craftable recipes and pull inventory from nearby storage containers. Further, Unlock Plus allows locked storage containers and doors to be damaged and open rather then having to be destroyed. <Read More>
Warrior Mutator
Warrior Mutator has some additional clothing and items, most of which are suitable for Gor. These items are trainable as feats in the knowledge section and are made at the base game crafting stations.. Warrior Mutator Manual. We have disabled some items. <Read More>


Season Three
Season three begins officially on December 15th 2023, after the Conan Update, and we are still in the process of changing over the wiki from Season Two. If you find discrepancies please report it in our discord under the #season-three channel of the server tech category.