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Season Four is in full swing, this is the time to get in on the ground floor and help build a By the Book Gorean community.
PvP Days on Sat, Tues and Thur. PvP Intent on Sun, Mon, Wed and Fri.

Mission Statement

From Barbarians of Gor

Our goal is to provide an educated by-the-book Gorean experience, on a platform suitable to mechanics-integrated role-playing, where the philosophy of natural order is foundational to emergent storytelling.


In the context of a Gorean role-play community, "educated" implies that participants are well-versed in the lore, philosophy, and societal structures of the Gorean world as depicted in the novels. This means that players are expected to have a deep understanding of the source material, which includes the various customs, traditions, and hierarchical systems that define Gorean society

How do we educate? ...
Educating players on Gor is an on-going process that requires a multi-resource approach.
  • We begin by identifying a willingness to learn in our New to Gor players.
  • We provide valuable resources, including links to online articles, Gorean discussions, and an AI for answering questions.
  • Our key players are dedicated to teaching and guiding new players.
  • We recognize that in-character training is limited and encourage players to actively seek education outside of the in-game world.
  • To ensure a smooth learning experience, we initially limit access to key roles for new players.

By the Book

"By the book" indicates a commitment to adhering closely to the original texts of the Gor series by John Norman. This means that the role-play scenarios, character behaviors, and societal norms within the community should reflect the descriptions and rules laid out in the novels. This approach ensures authenticity and consistency with the established Gorean world

How do we determine what is By the Book? ...
Our method for determining if something is by the book is based the following criteria:
  • Quotes being used to propose something must match Luther’s view on Quotes.
  • When to bring in historical elements and when not to
  • Is it a clearly mentioned term not otherwise defined, such as kirtle or thing.
  • Is it needful? There is no value to adding the viking game Hnefatafl, which is like chess when we have a Torvaldsland variant of kaissa.
  • Does the extrapolation of the historical element conflict with known facts, such as the torvaldsland creation myth conflicts with the norse creation myth.
  • Is there support for the concept elsewhere? If we were to introduce the wives of Odin and Thor is there any support for this from other cultures?
  • The Gorean lens. For example: by asking a panel of gorean players to address a concept wholly in character we can review the Gorean mindset on topics not addressed in the books.

Gorean Experience

A "Gorean experience" refers to an immersive role-play environment that replicates the world of Gor as described in the novels. This includes the cultural, social, and philosophical aspects of Gorean life, such as the caste system, the concept of honor, and the roles of free people and slaves. The goal is to create a setting where players can experience and interact with the world of Gor in a realistic and engaging manner.

  • Gorean Consent
  • Slave Girl Experience
  • The merchant/political Experience
  • Brotherhood of Warriors (War and battle)
  • Cultural/FW experience (Day in the life)
What does Gorean Consent mean? ...
We want to emphasize that we operate under the principle of Gorean Consent. By logging in, you are consenting to a Gorean experience, which means you accept the consequences that come with it. This does not mean you cannot opt out of certain role-play scenarios—Fade to Black (FTB) is always an option. However, you cannot avoid the consequences of in-game actions simply because they are unfavorable. This is distinct from non-consent; it ensures an immersive and authentic Gorean environment while still respecting player comfort and boundaries.

Mechanics-Integrated Role-Playing (MIRP)

"Mechanics-Integrated Role-Playing (MIRP)" integrates game mechanics into the role-playing experience for enhanced immersion. Using Conan Exiles, a Gorean role-play community can leverage the game's survival elements, such as resource gathering and crafting, to simulate Gorean economic activities, and building mechanics to create immersive environments. The PvP combat system and NPC enemies add realism to conflicts and adventures, reflecting the frequent battles and challenges in the Gor series. The thrall system mirrors Gorean slavery practices, while the clan system simulates the societal hierarchies and castes. Additionally, the open-world exploration facilitates quests and adventures akin to those in the novels. This integration ensures a more authentic and engaging Gorean experience by utilizing the strengths of Conan Exiles' mechanics.

What does this mean to how we’ve customized our server? ...
Features of Conan Exiles Suited for Mechanics-Integrated Role-Playing of Gor include:
Survival Mechanics
  • Resource Gathering: Players must gather resources such as food, water, and materials to survive, similar to the survival elements in Gor.
  • Building and Crafting: The ability to build structures and craft items aligns well with the settlement-building and crafting in Gorean life.
Combat System
  • Melee and Ranged Combat: Conan Exiles offers a robust combat system with various weapons, mimicking the martial culture of Gor.
  • Thralls and Companions: The game's thrall system, where players can capture NPCs to serve them, echoes the master-slave dynamics in Gor.
World Exploration
  • Open World: The vast, open-world environment allows for extensive exploration, which is essential for replicating the diverse geography of Gor.
  • Dungeons and Encounters: The game includes various dungeons and random encounters, adding to the sense of adventure and danger.
Community and Role-Playing
  • Private Servers: Players can create private servers with customized rules, fostering a controlled environment for Gorean role-playing.
  • Mods: The availability of mods allows for further customization, potentially adding Gorean-specific content and mechanics.
Economy and Trade
  • Trading System: Players can engage in trading, which mirrors the economic activities in Gor's cities and markets.
  • Resource Management: Managing resources and goods can simulate the economic dynamics of Gorean society.
Customization and Character Development
  • Character Creation: Detailed character creation options allow players to create avatars that fit their envisioned Gorean personas.
  • Skill Development: Players can develop their characters' skills and abilities over time, aligning with the personal growth and mastery themes in Gor.
Social Structures and Roles
  • Clan System: The game’s clan system enables the formation of social groups, which can represent Gorean castes and social structures.
  • Role-Playing Features: In-game mechanics support role-playing elements such as titles, ranks, and societal roles, essential for immersive Gorean role-play.

Natural Order

In Gorean philosophy, "natural order" is a foundational concept that emphasizes the inherent hierarchies and roles within society. This includes the dominance of men over women, the caste system, and the idea that some individuals are naturally suited to leadership while others are not. The role-play community would incorporate these principles into its structure and interactions, reflecting the belief that these hierarchies are essential to the functioning of Gorean society.

How does the natural order impact storylines? ...
Storylines in our world are not designed to be fair; those with power will naturally hold sway. However, power is not solely determined by PvP prowess; it also stems from personal charisma or excellence in role-playing. This approach ensures a dynamic and realistic Gorean environment where different forms of influence can shape the course of events.
Gorean Lens?
Looking at a role-playing scenario through a Gorean lens involves interpreting the scenario based on the philosophies and social structures from John Norman’s Gor novels. This lens emphasizes a strict hierarchical society with clear roles and power dynamics, where dominance and submission are central themes. Men typically hold positions of power as warriors and leaders, while women are often companions or slaves. Key elements include a focus on natural order, honor, and cultural practices such as rituals and specific modes of address. Conflicts are often resolved through combat or strategic alliances. In a role-playing scenario, characters would adhere to these roles and values, creating a narrative rich in power struggles, societal norms, and cultural authenticity.

Emergent Storytelling

"Emergent storytelling" refers to a narrative structure where the story develops organically from the interactions and decisions of the players, rather than being pre-scripted or directed by a central authority. In the context of a Gorean role-play community, this means that the plotlines and events are not rigidly planned but evolve based on the players' actions, choices, and interactions within the immersive world of Gor.

This approach allows for a dynamic and unpredictable role-playing experience, where the storyline can take unexpected turns and adapt to the players' creativity and engagement. It encourages a collaborative environment where each participant's contribution can significantly impact the overall narrative, making the role-play more engaging and personalized.

By focusing on emergent storytelling, the community emphasizes the importance of player agency and interaction, fostering a more immersive and interactive experience that aligns with the principles of the Gorean world.

How does emergent storytelling impact OOC negotiation? ...
Out-of-Character (OOC) communication can be a valuable tool for helping new players understand the gravity or impact of a situation. It can also be used to express player preferences and to get input on ideas. While OOC discussions can aid in clarifying scenarios and helping characters reach specific in-character (IC) goals, it’s important to remember that the actual role-play always takes precedence over any OOC negotiation.