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Season Four is in full swing, this is the time to get in on the ground floor and help build a By the Book Gorean community.
PvP Days on Sat, Tues and Thur. PvP Intent on Sun, Mon, Wed and Fri.

Main Page

From Barbarians of Gor

Tal and Welcome to the Barbarians of Gor website. If you are interested in applying to play with us then you will need to know the following information before applying. Please note our Application is not about proving you can role-play or how much you know about Gor - we are happy to teach. But we DO need to make sure you have read and understood the server setting, the rules and the changes we have made to the game play of Conan through various mods.

This main page will serve as a quick cheat sheet.




In the taverns of Port Kar, the markets of Scagnar, and the wharves of the Twelve Isles, they speak in hushed tones of a place so far east that the very seas seem to swallow ships whole. Sailors seeking fortune and glory regale listeners with tales of narrow escapes from the precipice of the world itself at the fabled World's End. Few have ventured close and returned to tell the tale, and with each passing decade, the legends of lost ships and doomed expeditions grow.

Yet still, adventurous souls from the mainland are drawn to the siren's call of this enigmatic archipelago. They find rocky shores and hidden coves, teeming with danger and ripe with adventure. This is a land as Gorean as any they know, yet filled with echoes of Earth's ancient Hyborian Age. Strange new cultures, born of a time long past, thrive in this forgotten corner of the world.

The flora and fauna are a marvel, both familiar and yet impossibly alien. The very air seems to vibrate with the pulse of a bygone era, waiting to be rediscovered by brave explorers. For those willing to take the risk, the islands promise secrets beyond their wildest dreams. Will you answer the call, or will you succumb to the perils that have claimed so many before?

Welcome to Barbarians of Gor, a BtB PvP-RP experience set in a land not that dissimilar to Earth’s Hyborian age.


Server Setting

Barbarians of Gor is a by the book (BtB) Gorean role-play server that is set in a group of islands many hundreds of pasangs west of the mainland in the middle of Thassa (the sea). The group of islands is collectively known as World's End, and this season we are playing on the island of New Tabor (Savage Wilds Map). Goreans, from the mainland, are marooned on these islands with no opportunity to return home and must make the best of it on a small island surrounded by hostile flora, fauna and natives. This island is less then 200 pasang square and numbers a population in the thousands, not tens of thousands.

This season the people of Vargor on New Sardar have left their home and migrated to New Tabor for the promise of Eldarium and advanced medical technology. How will your character adapt to an unfamiliar land and the making of allies from those once enemies? Some things will change simply because you aren't in Kansas any more, and some things will remain the same. Only the adaptable will survive. <Read More>

Season Four Invitation

And so, the stage is set, the curtain raised. The once-thriving villages of Nordhagen and Aurumvale, from the snow-shrouded halls of Icewind to the sun-baked streets of Shensha's Outpost, lie empty, waiting for the arrival of new blood, new stories. The whispers of the past still linger, echoes of a time when the people of Hulneth and Argentorum, of Vargrheim's Bite and Broken Pass, had lived and laughed and loved. Yet, this is not a tale of nostalgia, but rather, an invitation to forge something new, something uniquely your own.

Imagine yourself standing on the windswept shores of Vargrheim's Bite, the icy waters lapping at your feet as you gaze out upon the endless expanse of the northern lake. Or perhaps you find yourself amidst the broken landscape of Kowareta Hashi, the sheer white stone cliffs rising like sentinels around you as you navigate the labyrinthine valleys. Maybe it is the sun-drenched savannah of the Tegsh Tal that calls to you, the grasslands stretching out to the horizon as you ride the fierce kaiila, the shaggy bosk roaming freely at your side.

Wherever you choose to make your mark, know that you are not merely stepping into the footprints of those who came before, but rather, you are the pioneers of a new era, the authors of a tale yet untold. The history of Nordhagen and Aurumvale is rich and varied, a tapestry woven from the threads of countless stories and adventures. And now, it is your turn to add your own chapter to that tapestry, to leave your indelible mark upon the land and its people.

So let us raise a bowl of paga, to new beginnings, to the forging of a new future from the ashes of the past. Let us come together, as strangers become friends, as allies and adversaries, as the very soul of Nordhagen and Aurumvale is reborn. The stage is set, the curtain is rising. Now, it is your turn to take the reins, to seize the day, to write the next great chapter in the annals of this storied land.

In the world of Gor, a person's Home Stone is not just a physical stone, but a reflection of their very soul. It is a place of strength and of vulnerability, of joy and of sorrow. And so, as you embark on this grand adventure, remember that the home you build, be it in the northern halls of Hulneth or the sun-baked streets of Argentorum, will be a testament to your character, a living embodiment of your deepest desires and highest aspirations.

Look to the shining towers of Argentorum as your guide, that great bastion of Gorean learning and tradition. Let the wisdom of the Scribes and the courage of the Warriors inspire you as you forge your own path, as you build a new life amidst the rich tapestry of Nordhagen and Aurumvale. Embrace the principles of honor and discipline, of duty and service, that have ever been the bedrock of the Gorean way. And yet, do not be afraid to add your own unique mark, to leave your indelible stamp upon the land and its people.


About Gor


By the Book

It is our intention to create a game environment that is suitable for By the Book Gorean role-players. We have carefully curated our selection of mods and scripts with this in mind, and intend to continue doing so. However, there are limits on what we are willing to enforce. <Read Me>

New to Gor

The new to Gor section offers links and articles to help new players get up to speed on our fiction. We are attempting to cultivate a like-minded community that is pro-Gor. We take our fiction seriously and expect you to learn. Our application is focused on making sure you are reading about our setting and rules and demonstrating you are willing to learn the fiction.

If you're not yet on page with this goal, you're welcome to join us as long as you're moving toward the goal. If you have no desire to fit in (or worse, you're just here for easy targets), this may not be the server for you. <Read Me>

About Gorean Slavery

"What is most important to note is that Gorean slavery is but a single aspect of a much larger realm. If you feel that Gor is only about slavery, then you are missing out on a vast world of other Gorean ideas and concepts. Gorean philosophy touches on metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, political philosophy and so much more. It draws its inspiration from such sources as Plato’s The Republic, the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius and Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil. It deals with more than just personal relationships, encompassing also how man interacts with government, society and nature. In these respects, it is vastly more encompassing than BDSM or D/S. BDSM and D/S are most often a matter of personal relationships, the interaction of two people.

We are here for more then just private personal relationships, but rather seek to explore the entire scope of the fiction as a living breathing world. <Read More>


About Conan Exiles

Barbarians of Gor is set in the virtual world of Conan Exiles. Conan Exiles is available from Steam. There is a significantly discounted version of the game from CD Keys. If you need help purchasing the game please open a ticket. We highly recommend launching the game through Steam as we use custom mods which are automatically downloaded and installed when the server is launched through Steam.

Our server is set up to promote group play and is not intended to be viable as a solo player. Even small clans will want to work with other clans to meet the needs of large building and thrall projects. Additionally, many of the new features, such as sorcery and golems have been restricted or eliminated to fit the fiction of Gor. Gor is a harsh world, and the game play matches that. <Read More>

Some things you might not know about Conan Exiles and Private Servers:

  • The game can be purchased for under $10 via CD Keys for Steam, come ask us how. You will need the DLC Isle of Siptah.
  • Even if you do not own a DLC you can SEE and USE items from those DLCs, you just can not craft them yourself.
  • PvP can be restricted based on online clan numbers - it doesn't have to be about getting your base destroyed while you are off line.
  • Purge settings can also be set similarly.
  • Building damage and decay can be adjusted.
  • While you do need to trust those in your clan, we are scripting a "super clan" or RP Town system that will allow small clans to SAFELY ally.

About Second Life


For a long time, we have felt that role-play in second life would be significantly improved by a "game to play". One that brought the world into focus by providing the ability to interact with the world with things such as; game economy, needed resource gathering, crafting, expanded PvP options including the ability to damage buildings and more. Conan Exiles offers a nearly perfect game setting for the world of Gor. <Read More>

About the Team

The admin team for Barbarians of Gor have been together for decades and has a great deal of experience in running customized (modded) online games, role-play communities and the world of Gor. This isn't our first rodeo, if you'd like to know more about us please join discord and ask.


Season Four
Season Four has began. We are in the process of upgrading our educational offerings, streamlining the application process, and onboarding new players. As always the wiki is a work in progress. As of Jul 9th, a significant re-organization was made.