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World's End

From Barbarians of Gor

World's End lies somewhere west of the known world of the Gorean mainland on the Planet of Gor. In our Barbarian's of Gor fiction "World's End" refers to both the myth of lands in the western part of Thassa (the sea) as well as specifically to the island from Season Two which was played on the Conan Siptah Map.

World's End: This is the area of Thassa, the Gorean ocean, that lies about one hundred pasangs west of the islands of Cos and Tyros. There are only a few small islands located west of Cos and Tyros. No one has ever sailed past that region and returned to tell of it. There are many legends as to what might lie in that region. Some claim that Thassa is endless. Others claim that you will eventually reach the edge of the world and could plunge over that edge, falling for days through emptiness. Still others claim that there are clashing rocks and sea monsters (like the Greek Scylla and Charybidis). Some even say there are magnetic mountains that can pull the very nails out of a ship. The smashed planking of some ships have been found floating in the waters west of Cos and Tyros but usually so little is found that the actual ship cannot be identified.

My own speculation is that another land and culture may be found past the World's End, mostly likely a culture based upon islands. This would be a perfect place to transplant a Japanese culture from Earth. It would be fitting for he isolation of medieval Japan and could form the basis for a very interesting novel. Medieval Japanese culture would easily fit into the Gorean philosophies.
From Myths and Legends of Gor (Luther)

Origin Theories

The following possible origin theories for OUR part of World's End in the Barbarian's of Gor server are provided.

Cities of Dust
It is not unreasonable to assume that someone of the low caste may believe that they have been transported on death to the City of Dust.
Second Knowledge
Those of high caste, knowing that the world was round and that the known world must only sit on one portion of the sphere, are the ones most likely to assume that they are simply in another land unfamiliar to them.
Goreans are generally aware that there are female slaves who come from a place called Earth, and they consider these people "barbarians". However, few of those that know this also understand that Earth is on another planet, and many assume that Earth is a distant land on the planet. It's entirely possible that many might assume that World's End is near "Earth" or a "part of Earth" itself. This assumption might be supported by the high percentage of earth characters or even by the Hyborians themselves who may be considered by some Goreans to be "of Earth".
Voyages of Aquisition
For those who are aware of such things as the Voyages of Acquisition, might propose that this distant land mass is little more than another land which people of earth have been left to their own devices.
"Third Knowledge?"
And to the player behind the screen who knows the stories of the Priest Kings, the Kur and their combined technology, might easily suppose that this was:
  • Just another human experiment, perhaps with people from Earth's Hyborian Age
  • A land mass where inhabitants from other planets had been brought and placed here first as a test and then abandoned when they failed to meet some expectations of the Priest Kings.
  • The last people and architecture of a native people who once populated the planet.
An Invitation to Speculation
We encourage you to experience World's End from the eyes of a Gorean and draw those conclusions for both the similarities and differences of this land to that of the known world. There are certainly many similar items in landscape, flora and fauna while having enough differences that it should make for a new adventure and fuel for excellent Gorean debate.


General Information

The following information is generally easy to obtain about the lands populated by the players of Barbarians of Gor:

  • The various land masses, including New Sardar (CE exile map) and World's End (CE Siptah island) are all small. Each map tile is generally considered to be a pasang which is about .7 of a mile. While we don't see all of the water around New Sardar its assumed to be part of an island.
  • While the inhabitants are clearly humans like those of the main land they are barely civilized, most living in rough encampments and unable to speak proper Gorean.
* New Sardar has both Asgard and Sepermeru which are native (Hyborian) settlements.
* World's End has three mixed people port towns; Torvald's Landing, Port Argentum and Turan Cove.
  • There are other non-humans on the land but are not much stranger then Urt people or Spider people.
  • There are creatures here the resemble the Kurii, thalarians, larls, tarsk, verr and many other familiar Gorean animals.


Season Three
Season three begins officially on December 15th 2023, after the Conan Update, and we are still in the process of changing over the wiki from Season Two. If you find discrepancies please report it in our discord under the #season-three channel of the server tech category.