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Welcome to Barbarians of Gor. Tot!Custom has been added to the server.

Vargor (RP Hub)

From Barbarians of Gor

Barbarians of Gor has one primary role-play hub with many regions such as; a northern Gor non-caste district, a central Gor greco-roman district, a southern Gor desert district, and an asian district. All role-play, events and server storylines are central to Vargor and its immediate surroundings. Vargor is reminiscent of many northern free ports such as Kassau, Skjern, and Lydius. The regions around the central town proper are comprised of cultural unique areas, many of which are directly allied to Vargor as protectorates. Small allied clans are settled in the surrounding area and are easily accessible via foot, mount or caravan.

Vargor is player run not admin run, with leadership positions being chosen by election. The future of Vargor is in the hands of the players and the developing role-play.

Vargor at Telith's Island

From the crucible of necessity and determination, Vargor was born. When the volcano's threat emptied the lands and the Stygians surged to reclaim their territory, the returning Gorean settlers were forced into a fragile alliance for survival. Around the shores of a great lake, where snow-capped mountains met southern sands and the rich plains, a hamlet took root. Amidst adversity, Vargor blossomed into a beacon of Gorean identity, a place where opportunity knew no bounds of caste or station.

As the months passed, Vargor thrived. Its streets rang with the laughter of children, the clang of hammer on anvil, the murmur of scholars in debate. From the highest towers to the humblest huts, the community pulsed with life. Yet, as Vargor's reach extended into the surrounding lands, the seeds of future conflict were sown. The settlers, as they spread out, began to forge culturally unique regions, each with its own distinct character and ambitions.

The northern ridges, where those of Torvaldsland found a new home, grew stern and unyielding, their people shaped by the harsh beauty of the mountains. The southern oases, nourished by the eternal sands, became havens of intrigue and subtle politics, their inhabitants masters of the whispered word and the veiled intent. The Wagon People, eternal roamers, carried the wild heart of the plains into their encampments, their laughter and music a counterpoint to the growing tensions.

Though Vargor's spirit of welcome remained strong, the differences between these burgeoning regions began to simmer just below the surface. Caste and tradition, once set aside in the face of common struggle, began to reassert their pull. The old ways, the old rivalries, stirred once more. As the season turned and the months passed, the people of Vargor, of north and south and plain, wondered - could their hard-won unity endure the tests of growth and change, or would the very diversity that had once been their strength become the anvil of future conquest?

The town itself is the village proper which houses a town hall, central arena, temple to the Priest Kings, a hospital, slaver house and kennels, as well as other privately owned shops.


Most Gorean behavior is dictated by tradition rather than law. Goreans are, for the most part, traditionalists and law abiding. Vargor's laws specifically address modesty, theft, property damage, assault, merchant law, submission, and slave law. Most minor issues are handled by immediate ruling or challenge, with more significant issues being brought before the court for litigation. <Read More>

Argentum Hills

Argentum Hills is home to those who hail from central Gor north of the Tahari and south of the Laurius river. The building style is strictly greco-roman. The region is ruled by a patrician when one is chosen. <Read More>


Torvaldsaer in the far north west corner of Vargor is home to those who hail from Torvaldsland. The building style is strictly viking. The region is ruled by a High Jarl when one is chosen. <Read More>

Turan Cliffs

Turan Cliffs is home to any who hail from the southern deserts of Gor such as the cities of Turia, Tor and Turmas. The region is lead by a Pasha who sits in the Kasbash in the regions center. The build style of the region is desert/moroccan. <Read More>

Mizu Valley

In the far south east of the Vargor area lies a rich tropical valley that is currently home to the Pani. The leader of the region is known as the Kijin. The building style in this area is asian. <Read More>

Northern Trade Post

On the border of the Tur Woods and Vargor is a region loosing identified as the Norther Trade Post. It is home to a wide variety of residents from the mainland north of the Laurius. The building style in this area is predominantly wood and plaster ranging from rustic cabins to little Tudor cottages. (This region is only now developing and new players are encouraged to join the channel and get involved.) <Read More>

Player Rules

You can not build in the Village Proper area. For all other builds you must adhere to the building rules and aesthetics outlined on the building rules page.
We have activated what Pippi calls a social merchant. They can be purchased from the Player Vendor in the OOC Area. Merchants can only be placed at the OOC shop area (/warp shop). Exceptions are made for those running role-play shops - please apply by opening a ticket. The merchants are a bit quirky, we have written a helpful guide. <Read More>
Available to Own
The staff have a selection of homes in a clan called "Available to Own". Any player may request one of these buildings by opening a discord ticket. The process requires knowing your clan name. After the building is transfer to your clan, you will need to wait until AFTER the next server restart to start building on it, as the tool we use can be quirky, and its best to just wait till the next day.
You may change the build as you like as long as you stay within the restrictions both in size and aesthetics for the location in town.
Business Owner
Most of the business in Vargor's (Village Proper) can be claimed by a player who wishes to run them as their personal business. To discuss this please open a ticket in discord.
Once approved you can place and stock a vendor in the building. Name the vendor clearly with your name and/or clan, and keep it stocked. Once a vendor is empty or the player inactive the vendor will be removed and another player can take over "ownership".
If you do not actively run your location either by being at the business regularly and/or by running events, and another player with more time wants the position, we reserve the right to change owners. The goal here is to drive RP.


Not all of the regions are allied to Vargor. In fact some may be the home of outlaws. However, most of the regions are intended to be protectorates. A region that is marked as a protectorate (on the map) is part of Vargor's legal system and caste structure. This means members of a protectorate have the rights given to one of a shared Home Stone, even if the character claims a different Home Stone on the mainland. Residency in a protectorate alone confers legal rights and obligations.


Season Three
Season three begins officially on December 15th 2023, after the Conan Update, and we are still in the process of changing over the wiki from Season Two. If you find discrepancies please report it in our discord under the #season-three channel of the server tech category.