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In Character Restrictions

From Barbarians of Gor

'Updated 5/29/24 Weapons for FW have been changed. There are codified rules on how you must dress and act on Gor. Many of these are actual laws in some of the cities and can be enforced in character with a wide variety of punishments. These minimum restrictions apply to all characters regardless of their background -- Hyborians are not exempt from these rules. These standards are much more flexible than the books and is intended to be a compromise between the ideal and the reality of role-play. Do not ignore this list, we will enforce it if necessary.


Armor as a clothing necessity
There is only so many clothing options in Conan Exiles. Luckily most of the "armor" is some combination of leather. However, it is far more "armor" then would be allowed in a typical Gorean setting. Consequently, we are allowing armor, up to and including chainmail, but not platemail. Please do not push the line - make an effort to keep your look as "low armored" as possible.
Fictionally, we expect characters to be both surprised by the types of armor worn by the natives, as well as concerned that the Priest Kings may enforce their armor restrictions on this lost continent. Some Goreans may feel that the Priest Kings do not care about what is done here. We expect it to be an interesting in character debate.
Armor as a functional need
Armor is necessary for game play, consequently there is no restriction on anyone, including slaves or free women, for wearing armor HIDDEN under cosmetic clothing, see the Fashionist mod.
Please note that all wearables are considered "armor" in Conan Exiles, there is no distinction between armor and clothing. Respect the player's effort but note that individual towns may have more restrictive in character rules!

Free Women

Modest Clothing
As discussed, the clothing options in Conan Exiles is far more limited then found in Second Life but is generally on par with other sandbox games and MMORPs. Additionally, robes of concealment are available to all new free woman players at the starting location. Free Women are expected to make a best effort to appear modest. (The fabric in Conan Exiles can flap in the wind and easily reveal what it might otherwise intend to cover. Don't chance it! Wear a modestly layer!)

In the mean time this is the minimum server standard. Individual clans and towns may implement stricter rules if they wish.

  • Covered from neck to elbow to calf. While central Gorean cities required women to wear robes of concealment, there are some cultures such as Torvaldsland which do allow bare arms or ankles. Therefore this is the minimum.
  • Modesty Layer. We have implemented a "modesty war paint" which fully covers the body and can be equipped and dyed via the Fashionist mod.
  • Modesty legs + Boots. Skirts to the knee when worn with a modesty layer and boots are acceptable as every day wear.
  • Skirts with Pants, Sandles ok. Knee length skirts with pants (not the modesty layer) can be worn with sandles as every day wear.
  • Split Skirt with Modesty layer. Long skirts with open panels are acceptable if they encircle most of the body AND are worn with a modesty layer or pants.
  • Long Tunics for Work. Clans and towns may allow the wearing of long tunics when working at or near home. The tunic must cover the posterior without flapping around in the wind. There are a few tunics that do this, however some of the short skirts when worn with a modest top, modesty leggings and boots is an acceptable combination.
Do not circumvent!
  • Dying the modesty layer to match your skin tone so as to appear unclothed is not acceptable.
  • Wearing a skimpy bra top and/or a short skirt over a modesty layer is not acceptable.
There are both face veils and full head coverings in game, however they are not a server requirement as not all cultures on Gor wore them. Clans and town laws may choose to further restrict this.
  • NEW (5/29/04) Free Women are not allow to use any weapon that is mechanically defined as a "strength weapon". If there is an agility version and the style is permissible (below) that is okay.
  • Updated (5/29/04) Free Women may use all daggers (including throwing knives), claws, all bows and all javelins/spears/dories, One-handed tools weapons (such as axes, brooms, frying pans, sickle, mining pick), Two-handed staves, Weapons without a weapon aesthetic (such as books, mugs, broken bottles, and frying pans), One-handed wand/stave, wooden shields (that are not weapons).
  • Clarification (5/29/24) If any of the weapon examples listed above ONLY have a strength weapon option, they are NOT an exception. No mechanical strength weapons may be used ICly period.
  • Individual towns may implement a "no carry" rule for Free Women that disallowed them from carrying weapons in town, and they will be obligated to role-play fetching weapons in such cases.
  • Free Women may defend themselves from (non player) hostile NPCs/monsters/animals. These are collectively known as "mobs" which is short for mobile.
  • Free Women may hunt animals.
  • Free Women may defend their home or town unless town/clan laws specifically restrict this.
  • Free Women may not raid, i.e. attack another player clan/town with or without men. No exceptions.
  • Free Women who brandish weapons when not under direct armed threat are subject to enslavement.
Free woman should wear their hair predominantly bound up in braids, buns or pony tails. Loose hair should never drape on the shoulders of your avatar. Hair wisps that float around your face and shoulders because of game physics is acceptable.
  • Hair worn in braids may drape on the shoulders for Torvaldsland Free Women.

Panther Girls


Panther Girls, who are also free, have no clothing or hair restrictions.

 However, all other weapon restrictions apply.


  • If a free person has issues with an owner's choice of clothing or weapons for a slave they can confiscate the items and take the issue up with the slave's owner. (Claws are considered to be a typical weapon given to a slaves under supervision.)
  • Free woman are allowed to express their displeasure with slaves.
  • Unless otherwise specified, slaves should wear their hair down.
  • Must show collar. All slaves must show their collar on their avatar.
  • Branded. Slaves are typically branded in the first few days of capture, and therefore must either role-play the brand or wear a brand war paint.
  • Slaves on Gor are not allowed free access to weapons. If a free person provides a slave with weapons they are responsible for the slaves (in character) actions with that weapon. Slaves should only be allowed weapons when under supervision, for specific actions, and subsequently returned to safe keeping when done.
  • Slaves should never go armed or fight in an outbound raid. No exceptions.
  • Slaves who are found to have/use weapons with out express permission are subject to punishment up to and including death. If a slave picks up a weapon (without permission) to defend their owner or the free of their Homestone they are advised to immediately throw the weapon and themselves to the ground and beg forgiveness.
To the Free
If you arm a slave please make a point of doing the role-play in front of others and provide clear Gorean instructions as to why you are doing so and the terms of the use. This will reduce potential (ooc) repercussions.


Season Three
Season three begins officially on December 15th 2023, after the Conan Update, and we are still in the process of changing over the wiki from Season Two. If you find discrepancies please report it in our discord under the #season-three channel of the server tech category.