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Slaves, Roleplay Options

From Barbarians of Gor

Every server/sim has a slightly different set of rules as to how a player can go about playing their slave role. This article will seek to address the most commonly asked questions, such as who do I get an owner, how do I change owners, can I use weapons, where can I go, what should I do?

If you have a topic not addressed here and feel it needs to be addressed please open a ticket and make the suggestion.


This server allows for a variety of options for the ownership of your character.

Player Owner
Obviously you can be owned by a player. If you do not join the server with an owner you can go to the Vargor kennels upon arrival. There you will will have an option to request a random person to come own you. If you do not want to do this, you can look for a Slaver House which will can help you find an owner. You can also, use discord to get to know other players and find an owner that way -- we have a seeking owner option in the #reactions-roll channel.
Please understand that there are many more slaves than free men to own them. Finding the right owner (RP partner) is a process that may not happen immediately. We encourage you to consider other options in the mean time.
City Slave
You can be owned by the city of Vargor. You are welcome to remain a city slave or eventually be sold. While there are players working as slavers for the city of Vargor, you are expected to find your own role-play. You will need to be a self starter and get out there and interact with others.
  • There is city slave livery available in the Vargor kennels. There is purple and white for white silk girls, and purple and red for red silk girls. Please wear the propery livery to maximize your city slave roleplay.
  • Players can go to the Vargor kennels and ask to rent a slave. Keep an eye out for these messages in global and the discord looking for RP channel.
  • Players can also solicit the slaver houses to buy a slave, and you can be sold. Keep an eye on global and the discord looking for RP channel for players who are looking to buy a slave.
Slaver House
You can be owned by a slaver house, either one which is also a member of Vargor's Merchant Caste, or one working independently of Vargor. This is the best option for slaves who are new to Gor or role-play and want some OOC say over who they are purchased by.
Please understand that slavers are players, and the population of slavers on the server periodically ebbs and flows.
NPC Owner
You can be owned by an NPC that will follow you and fight. That thrall can be a member of Vargor, or not. By having an NPC thrall owner you have a lot of freedom to travel the game world, build a home and manage your own RP journey.
You can not be owned an NPC that is not mechanically represented in the game world - use a thrall. Level 1 thralls can be purchased at the OOC Area. They are not very useful for fighting, but they do address the fiction needed for NPC owners or guards.
While being abandoned by inactive players is common in online settings, it's not so common in the fiction. If you have been abandoned, you should assume that one of the city slavers has claimed you for the city and returned you to the Vargor kennels to work as a city slave. Alternatively, you can claim to have been purchased by your NPC (Thrall).


We have a NPC + player slave registration quest set up in Vargor. It begins in the town hall. <Read More>

3 Day Rule

While we are a non-consent server we also recognize that no one is going to keep logging in to play with a RP partner they don't like or never see. Consequently, the three day capture rule applies not only to capture but to non-consent sales. If the purchase of your character doesn't work out, simply ask the other player to sell you -- either to another player, slaver house, the city of Vargor, or even to your own thrall. If you need assistance with this, please open a ticket in discord and let us know how we can support you.


Within the Gorean fiction slaves are almost never armed. There are a few rare exceptions such as slave exhibitions in the arenas of Ar. Gorean fiction asserts that any slave found with a weapon, even something as simple as a metal knife, are immediately killed. This is the fiction.

How does this work in a game world where everything is constantly trying to kill you and its a complete immersion break to be continually eaten by aggressive rabbits?
  • You can use weapons out of character when "alone". Our bio sheet (shift-R) has a place for you to record this for others to see.
  • Your owner can give you IC weapons - see IC restrictions. And while we recognize that it's probably unlikely any Gorean free person would do this, there is no law against it. And the rights of the owner for their property trump even tradition. (If your owner is your own thrall, understand that he can be challenged by someone else for doing this, and even killed. There is no free pass for this option -- role-play still applies.)
  • Better yet, use an authority build which will allow you to defend yourself with NPCs rather then with weapons. As mentioned above, these thralls can be role-played as your guards or owners.


Slave players are welcome to travel the world but due to the fiction, they are strongly encouraged to take an NPC thrall as their in character excuse to be where ever they are. Even if you are fighting yourself, and not using an authority build, having a free man thrall with you (set to attack nothing) is the best fictional answer. But either way, expect to be cross examined or even captured.

Slave players have the right to get role-play when their owners are off line. Slave players should not be restricted to kennels or bases with no way to leave. The availability of mechanical thralls, which can be claimed as free men of a clan, should be utilized to provide slave players with more options then they had on Second Life. The area in which we rp is only a few passangs across and a few more tall. A thrall can be assigned as a guard to a valuable slave, or as the "master in charge" when the owner is off line. Either way, slave players should have the right to role-play utilizing the reasonable fiction afford by the mechanical thralls. If you are not getting enough role-play, please speak to your owner about the option explained here, or open a ticket if you need moderation assistance.


The use of mechanical armor is necessary in this game unless you really know how to play and avoid mobs. We use a mod called, Fashionist , that allows you to cosmetically hide the mechanical armor, either to appear naked or with slave appropriate clothing.


Slaves do not own anything, not even the clothes they wear. Not even their name. Consquently, there is NO fictional way you can build a home for yourself.

Here are your options:

  1. Join another clan with free persons.
  2. Aquire an NPC Thrall who will act as your RP owner and build in his/her name.
There are limitations in place for personal and clan building. These limits include the total number of build parts, placeables (deco), crafting stations and lighting. Further aesthetic restrictions are in place for us as a role-play server.  <Read More>