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Welcome to Barbarians of Gor. Season Three is Ending and Season Four begins on June 22nd.
There will be a soft opening for Season Four Sunday Night June 16th.


From Barbarians of Gor

Fashionist which allows you to "skin" your armor into other armor has been added. You can see these changes on the paperdoll screen. Items on the right side will "morph" your worn armor items (left side) into what ever items you place on the right side. This also allows you to equip and custom color a "war paint". This server offers a modesty war paint for free women that can be worn all the time as well as colored.

We use a mod called Fashionist that allows you to apply a COSMETIC layer over the armor/clothing items you are wearing. We have set up a selection of Fashionist stands at the new starter area for you to choose from. Additional items can be crafted or purchased from vendors at the OOC Area.

You have to be wearing items for the cosmetic layer to show. The New Player Merchant in the cages at the stater area sells both desert and highland wraps to help you with the heat/cold. They are also suitable options for the cosmetic layer to apply to.
You can drag any item into the RIGHT side of your inventory to activate the cosmetic overlay.
Additionally, the armor stands set up around here can be interacted with by HOLDING DOWN the (E key) and selecting transfer style to self. Regardless of if the stand is for men or women it will apply the correct gender item. So you can try various ones. Sorry you can't mix and match with the stands.
On your inventory paper doll you will see little check marks on the RIGHT side items, these will toggle show cosmetic armor/show normal armor/show nothing.
Please note! I have given most of the items for the outfits even if they are not appropriate or your particular role. You can choose to turn these options off in the way explained here.
You must put the modesty layer on the TORSO of the RIGHT side WAR PAINT section for it to last and be dyeable. If you do not do this, the layer will make you all white and take a few hours to wear off. You can use the little color wheel under that area to dye the modesty layer.


Season Four
Season Three is ending on Jun 22nd. Season Four soft opening is scheduled for Sunday Night, June 16th. Between now and July 6th, the staff reserve the right to change or shore up any rules in accordance with the season goals. Often, no matter how your write something, someone will make an assumption that needs to be clarified.