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Welcome to Barbarians of Gor. Season Three is Ending and Season Four begins on June 22nd.
There will be a soft opening for Season Four Sunday Night June 16th.

Player Vendors

From Barbarians of Gor

New in Season 4: Tot uses a player vendor which is called a Tot Trader NPC. Traders can be purchased on a vendor in the /warp craft area. Traders must be placed at the fair grounds under either your private clan or settlement clan. Please clearly name your Traders with your clan or character name.


  • Traders can be purchased from one of the NPCs in the /warp craft area.
  • Traders are not NPCs, they can not be ordered to follow you. So where you place it is where it stays. However, you can return it to inventory but it will put all the items in your inventory as well and you will need to set the merchant back up.
  • Do not use either animations or sounds on the player traders, they add unnecessary lag.
  • Must be placed with the player or clan name in the name of the trader.


How many traders can I have
  • Each clan can have 1 trader. (Clans are limited to six people)
  • Settlements can have 2 traders. (If there is a need for more then two, players should place their traders under their private clan name.)
Where can we place our traders?
  • Vendors can only be placed at the Fair Grounds.
  • Empty traders. Misplaced traders. Or any other trader that would make any reasonable role-player wince and roll their eyes. Will be moved or deleted.

Fair Grounds Clan

There is a clan for the fair grounds and you can join this clan by speaking with the overseer at the caravan master's tent.

Building Rules for Traders are as follows
  • You may place and deco a tent, should be less then 30 items. With the tents and the Highmane's decorative crafting benches, 30 is a lot. Please respect lag and use as little deco as possible.
  • Your trader can not be in the Fair Grounds Clan - if you do this, anyone who joins the Fair Ground clan like you just did will be able to edit your trader and just take your things.
  • Stay within the white area highlighted on the map.
  • It is acceptable to build event spaces at the fair grounds that exceed tent/shop limits. We would appreciate it if you'd open a ticket with the admins and let us know what you are doing and why, but we are happy to see your creativity for events.
  • You can also cross the building territory area if you need a particular spot for things like an arena.
  • Event structures should be temporary.
  • Don't delete things you didn't build.

How to Set Up

Please volunteer to write this for the community.


Season Four
Season Three is ending on Jun 22nd. Season Four soft opening is scheduled for Sunday Night, June 16th. Between now and July 6th, the staff reserve the right to change or shore up any rules in accordance with the season goals. Often, no matter how your write something, someone will make an assumption that needs to be clarified.