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Welcome to Barbarians of Gor. Season Three is Ending and Season Four begins on June 22nd.
There will be a soft opening for Season Four Sunday Night June 16th.

Talk:Sardar Fair

From Barbarians of Gor

<CHANGING! Read More> No one is exactly sure who started the Sardar fair at the base of the Unknown City. Some suggest that it was Anbar Al'Amhara a Tahari salt merchant who was instrumental in establishing the money lender case here on New Sardar. But either way, the Sardar Fair on New Sardar is not a quarterly fair falling only on the equinoxes and solstices but rather a year round central location for merchants, slavers, recruiters and of course new arrivals. (Build Rules in force)


The Sardar fair is accessible from any of the caravan routes as well as from the OOC starting location for new players. There is a basic crafting area for new players, a central well, a paga tent, corrals for slave and even merchants selling specialized recipes. The slave pens will be the destination of most slaves found washed ashore, where they will be expected to serve in the paga tent and tend to the merchants. Only the most beautiful and pleasing slaves my find a new owner willing to take them to their home or town.

By the Book
The Sardar Fair of the main land is open to all Goreans, that tradition is upheld in this lands of New Sardar. It is every Gorean's obligation and right to be at the Sardar Fair. Further, the fairs are considered no-capture/no-enslavement as well as combat by duel only. (This means no attack on site.)


The Sardar Fair is the primary point of destination for most new players, its aesthetic value is crucial to the first impression of new players.

You are welcome to build a small and attractive home in the area of the fair. You are not limited to one base on this server. The clan distance limits are set low enough that a certain closeness can be accomplished without blocking any through-fares. The following restrictions are in place:

  • Players may build a small home or market stall in the area if they wish -- no forts, no towers, no walls, just a small home or market stall.
  • Players and normal clans are restricted to 25 foundation tiles, or 25 square tiles which equals a space consisting of 5x5 or 6x4+ or even 7x3+. Variations are acceptable -- a line of tiles 1 or 2 tiles wide is not.
  • Buildings are restricted to 2.5 wall/foundation tiles tall - keep it low and squat, this isn't Manhattan. Height is for walls, and doesn't include the extra height needed for roof tiles.
  • All placeables, including crafting stations must be fully on those tiles.
  • Thralls can be on crafting stations.
  • Pets and guard thralls are absolutely not allowed for both the protection of new players and issues with lag. If you want pets and guards go build elsewhere.
  • NO SQUARE BUILDINGS! Please make an effort to produce something aesthetically pleasing. Boxes with just a roof will be deleted.
  • Don't over decorate please -- homey is great anything more should be reserved for a home elsewhere.
  • The following building materials are restricted: Stormglass, Frontier, Black Ice, and Castle.
RP Hubs
Contact Branwyn to discuss goals and building options within the fair.


New in Season 4: Tot uses a player vendor which is called a Tot Trader NPC. Traders can be purchased on a vendor in the /warp craft area. Traders must be placed at the fair grounds under either your private clan or settlement clan. Please clearly name your Traders with your clan or character name. <Read More>

  • You may have one merchant per clan member.
  • All merchants must be at the Sardar Fair and on/in your building or Northern Trade Post.
  • Merchants found anywhere else will be removed.


Season Four
Season Three is ending on Jun 22nd. Season Four soft opening is scheduled for Sunday Night, June 16th. Between now and July 6th, the staff reserve the right to change or shore up any rules in accordance with the season goals. Often, no matter how your write something, someone will make an assumption that needs to be clarified.