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Welcome to Barbarians of Gor. Season Three is Ending and Season Four begins on June 22nd.
There will be a soft opening for Season Four Sunday Night June 16th.

Talk:Ironhall (Town)

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Ironhall is an admin-ran player town in the north-western corner of the map which is accessible from the Barrow Mounds caravan. Ironhall is a Torvaldsland town and welcomes both experienced and new to Gor players. Please contact Branwyn in discord if you'd like to ally with this role-play hub.


Ironhall, like all other Gorean settlements, is not a place where strangers are welcomed with open arms. Ironhall acts as a role-play hub for its players and allies. It is not neutral ground and visitors should consider the cause and style in which they approach the town. Climbing over the walls unwelcomed will not result in a positive experience. If you wish for assistance in establishing cause please contact Branwyn#5252 in discord to establish backstories.

Allies are Oath Bound

The mechanic of alliance in the Barbarians Of Gor Mod gives allied clans safe and free access to our town, as such, it behooves us to expect that allies are oathbound to our Jarl in character. Such an oath will entail the IC agreement that each clan will protect each other's people, property, and interests, to come to battle when called, and to acknowledge your honor and loyalty lies with Ironhall as if it was "your Home Stone city".

Families (aka Clans) comprised only of women may make a similar oath with the expectation of martial and legal protection from the Ironhall Jarl in exchange for the same loyalty expected of a free man.

As part of this, all families/clans will have a voice at any thing held.

Iron Hall City Rules

The Barbarians Of Gor Mod allows clans to ally with a role-play hub. Ironhall is set up as a role-play hub and you can ask to be made an ally of our town so that you can come and go, use the crafting stations and share in the resources. Share means giving equal to taking.
War Horn
The Barbarians Of Gor Mod has a craftable war horn which can be used to set all pets and thralls in the CLAN to one of three settings; passive/attack nothing, guard area, or attack all. Sounding the horn and setting the mode can only be done by a member of the Ironhall clan, and not by allies. However, since purges and building damage (PvP) can only be done when at least two members of the clan are online, and thus they should be able to sound the horns as needed. The horns should be set to passive or guard area at all times, and only set to attack all when there is a purge or attack. The guards will not attack allies, but will attack visitors.
Aside from the value of Purge Thralls, the purges are intended to spark role-play. This is a hostile land and regular attacks are likely. The purge will only happen if two members of the main Ironhall clan are online. Purges can be handled by non-warriors as we have trained and equipped thralls around the city which can be directed by clan members to attack the Purge NPCs.
Role-play Location
Ironhall is an in character location. Make an effort to walk rather than run, don't leap off walls or casually climb roofs. Please interact with others to make items and collect resources. Please set your /home to a private setting such as in the left tower of the gate or your alcove.
We have available locations for allies of Ironhall to build homes close to the main role-play hub, please contact Branwyn for assistance. General exceptions will be to match the town's building materials and are under 64 square tiles, approximately 8x8. If you are not good at building or decorating please get help or don't build next to the hub.
NPCs & Pets
Please put pets and thralls in the stables area to the right of the front gate and set them to passive/attack nothing mode. Players can place pets and thralls in any clan territory and do so at their own risk. Ironhall is not responsible for pets or thralls who are are killed because they are left blocking something or were not set in passive/attack nothing mode.
Town Storage
With the design intend for crafting, trade, clans and towns in mind we expect that the towns will be the central hub for crafting and trade as clans will have a maximum number of items from which to build, nor will they have an unlimited number of thralls with which to craft. Consequently, RP towns are likely to be the main place for the storage of supplies, however, we must implement some restraint.
You are welcome to use supplies in the open crates if you are going to return an equal value. I have provided storage crates & barrels around the craft hall and other buildings. LOOK FOR a chest with a barrel near by -- those are the INTENDED storage locations. Some chests and crafting stations may be locked and not accessible to allies.
However there are some things we don't want in public storage.
  • If it doesn't stack don't leave it here.
  • Don't over supply, we do not need 10 full stacks of anything unless there is a specific project going on.
  • There is a "drop box" right in the center of the town if you are in a hurry or don't feel like sorting. However, if you leave it here we assume its not that important and reserve the right to dump or deconstruction it.
  • Items on crafting tables: The Unlock+ mod allows you to pull the items you need to craft directly from nearby storage. OTHER THEN FUEL, there is no need to use the crafting stations as storage or a junk drawer.
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Season Four
Season Three is ending on Jun 22nd. Season Four soft opening is scheduled for Sunday Night, June 16th. Between now and July 6th, the staff reserve the right to change or shore up any rules in accordance with the season goals. Often, no matter how your write something, someone will make an assumption that needs to be clarified.