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Season Four is in full swing, this is the time to get in on the ground floor and help build a By the Book Gorean community.
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From Barbarians of Gor

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Barbarians of Gor has one primary role-play hub with three districts. This page has a basic overview of the three districts.

This page is part of Season 3 which ended officially on June 22nd. This page and all the other pages in this category have been removed from the Table of Contents and are considered to be archived.

Vargor at Telith's Island

Vargor, a city born from determination and necessity after the threat of the volcano's eruption emptied the lands of so many and the Stygian raiders became more brazen in their attacks on those left behind. What was molded from adversity is a hamlet nestled around the big lake whose shores touches the snow crested mountains of the North, the southern sands of the South, and the rich plains of the wagon people. It has blossomed into a place that welcomes all walks of life.

Vargor has built itself into a thriving community, rich with both opportunity for those of high caste or low, as well as those with no caste at all, where conflict is kept from its holdings by an agreement among all that the prosperity of Vargor means prosperity for them. A home that offers opportunity for warrior, tradesman, and merchant alike and welcomes all to its shores.

The town itself is divided into four quarters; the village proper, Torvald's Quarter, the Argentum Quarter and the Turan Quarter. While all of the quarters are part of the city it is not unheard of for leaders who arise and are given the rank of Jarl, Patrician, or Pasha. These, mostly honorary titles, typically act as the quarters main point of contact for the town leadership.


Most Gorean behavior is dictated by tradition rather than law. Goreans are, for the most part, traditionalists and law abiding. Vargor's laws specifically address modesty, theft, property damage, assault, merchant law, submission, and slave law. Most minor issues are handled by immediate ruling or challenge, with more significant issues being brought before the court for litigation. <Read More>

Argentum Quarter

Argentum Hills is home to those who hail from central Gor north of the Tahari and south of the Laurius river. The building style is strictly greco-roman. The region is ruled by a patrician when one is chosen. <Read More>

Torvald's Quarter

Torvaldsaer in the far north west corner of Vargor is home to those who hail from Torvaldsland. The building style is strictly viking. The region is ruled by a High Jarl when one is chosen. <Read More>

Turan Quarter

Turan Cliffs is home to any who hail from the southern deserts of Gor such as the cities of Turia, Tor and Turmas. The region is lead by a Pasha who sits in the Kasbash in the regions center. The build style of the region is desert/moroccan. <Read More>

Player Rules

You must adhere to the building rules and aesthetics outlined on the building rules page.
New in Season 4: Tot uses a player vendor which is called a Tot Trader NPC. Traders can be purchased on a vendor in the /warp craft area. Traders must be placed at the fair grounds under either your private clan or settlement clan. Please clearly name your Traders with your clan or character name. <Read More>
Available to Own
The staff have a selection of homes in a clan called "Available to Own". Any player may request one of these buildings by opening a discord ticket. The process requires both you and the staff member to be online at the same time. After the building is transfer to you, you will need to wait until AFTER the next server restart to start building on it, as the tool we use can be quirky, and its best to just wait till the next day.
You may change the build as you like as long as you stay within the restrictions both in size and aesthetics for the location in town.
Business Owner
Most of the business in Vargor or the districts can be claimed by a player who wishes to run them as their personal business. To discuss this please open a ticket in discord.
Once approved you can place and stock a vendor in the building. Name the vendor clearly with your name and/or clan, and keep it stocked. One vendor per establishment. Once a vendor is empty or the player inactive the vendor will be removed and another player can take over "ownership".
If you do not actively run your location either by being at the business regularly and/or by running events, and another player with more time wants the position, we reserve the right to change owners. The goal here is to drive RP.


Season Four
Season Four has began. We are in the process of upgrading our educational offerings, streamlining the application process, and onboarding new players. As always the wiki is a work in progress. As of Jul 9th, a significant re-organization was made.

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