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Season Four is in full swing, this is the time to get in on the ground floor and help build a By the Book Gorean community.
PvP Days on Sat, Tues and Thur. PvP Intent on Sun, Mon, Wed and Fri.

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From Barbarians of Gor

About Clans


In Conan Exiles the basic method of grouping is within a clan. Clans are designed to be small and include only those who trust each other. Everything in a clan is shared between all members. In Barbarians of Gor, we view clans as family units comprised of just those players who know each other and are comfortable sharing a home and resources.

In base game Conan this is the only option. However, a custom mod for our server will allow clans to "ally" with another clan which is set up as a role-play town. A town is intended to be ran as a dedicated and accessible role-play location where allied clans can visit, access the doors, the resources, the crafting stations and not get attacked by the NPC guards.


A reasonably sized home with decorations should be possible with just 1 or 2 people, and you should have enough pets and thralls to defend the home. <Read More>

  • Are restricted to 4 member players, 5 pet/thrall for each player and a building part item count of 1000.
  • Can build (almost) anywhere including in locations that avoid the purge and are difficult to attack by players.
  • However, RP Towns (see below) will have the right to approve/disapprove clan builds within a reasonable range of their walls.
Towns (RP Hubs)
  • Must be applied for and approved. You can open a ticket in discord to discuss.
  1. Needs to be a town.
  2. Needs to be a needed fiction for the community, we can’t have 12 people and 5 hubs. We can’t have two Port Kars.
  3. Ran by experienced BtB Gorean RPers with leadership experience.
  • Are for those who are dedicated to running a role-play location with regular events.
  • Will be restricted to on the ground locations near a caravan (fast travel) locations.
  • They can not circumvent the purge nor make their location unassailable.
  • They will have to be visual pleasing and builder help is available in the form of build kits to support RP hubs.
  • Can exceed the 4 clan member maximum if necessary.
  • If you are looking to create a more casual role-play area based around a group of families in an area working together, we can accommodate that as well.
  • This option will allows small clans to ally under a designated clan, but will not have the expectations of a RP Hub, nor the admin assistance.
  • This is an ideal situation for nomadic people, or a region comprised of private homesteads who want to work together peacefully.