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Welcome to Barbarians of Gor. Season Three is Ending and Season Four begins on June 22nd.
There will be a soft opening for Season Four Sunday Night June 16th.

Code of Conduct (Rules)

From Barbarians of Gor

In addition to the general behavior rules expected by Discord, we have a general code of conduct for players. More so then even the Gor RolePlay guidelines and the RP Etiquette, the Code of Conduct is crucial to goals of the community. Seek to Educate, no unsanctioned BtB discussions, be here because you want to be or leave, if you rage quit don’t come back until you are over it, be part of the story telling, let staff play, and take responsibility for the RP of others in your clan.

Make the effort to educate those who are new to Gor, especially if they are making an effort. If you can’t help them, try and find someone who can. However, we have warned them that this is not a safe fiction and they will need to learn, and sometimes harsh lessons are necessary - this is acceptable, as long as you did try to educate.
If you are New to Gor, you are obligated to read the information provided.
Rage Quitting
Look, loosing sucks and sometimes all you can do is scream at the monitor and quit. We expect rage quitting to happen and are willing to acknowledge that its part of having a PvP server with all of its brutal settings. But then take the down time, regain your perspective and return with the intention of being once again a positive member of the community.
Specifically, this means not yelling at staff that some mech is broken and demanding we fix it. It means documenting your concerns to the player council for it to be discussed at the next meeting.
Arguing the Books
The in-game global chat and the discord general chats are NOT the place for Gorean Debate. Clans and towns will have the right to their own interpretations as long as they do not fall below or against the servers “By the Book” minimum standards. Consequently, debates should remain within the clan or better yet plan an in-game forum for the discussion of such things. Staff is happy to help you plan such events and indicate if they are IC or Immersive OOC.
Be here because you want to be
When you are done, when you’ve had enough, when this is no longer fun for you - TAKE A BREAK. Negativity does no one any good. If you are continually moping, complaining, bitching, arguing and generally appear to be negative attention seeking we will put you on a break. We’d rather you do it yourself, but we will do it for you if necessary.
While we love the fact that Conan Exiles is a nearly perfect complement to the planet of Gor, it is still our intention to tell shared stories as a community of Gorean fiction-fans. If we believe that the mechanics are being used to grief others for un-Gorean motivations such as OOC spite and pettiness, we will simply allow the Priest Kings to solve the problem and nuke your base from orbit.
Let the Staff Play
Conan doesn't easily allow staff to run a separate staff/player account. Please do not use the game chats to address issues or questions to the staff, rather use the ticket system for such things. Staff want to play the game and not have to be continually dragged out of their immersion. Please respect everyone's play time.
Take responsibility for the women in your household
Role-playing on Gor as a Free Woman or slave comes with a great deal of challenges - the biggest one is getting to move about. Take responsibility for those role-players in your clan and help them get role-play. Find owners for slaves, match time zones, give them options to travel to logical places, assign tasks that give them reasons to go out and do stuff, and let them change clans if its a better fit. This is a man's world, and with it comes responsibility. Further, please except reasonable Gorean reasons for slaves and FW to be doing stuff, especially if they have NPC (Thrall) guards with them!


Season Four
Season Three is ending on Jun 22nd. Season Four soft opening is scheduled for Sunday Night, June 16th. Between now and July 6th, the staff reserve the right to change or shore up any rules in accordance with the season goals. Often, no matter how your write something, someone will make an assumption that needs to be clarified.