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Season Four is in full swing, this is the time to get in on the ground floor and help build a By the Book Gorean community.
PvP Days on Sat, Tues and Thur. PvP Intent on Sun, Mon, Wed and Fri.

Building and Bases (Rules)

From Barbarians of Gor

Season 4: Private clans are being reemphasized in favor of Gorean settlements. The build area is restricted to the COLORED highlighted areas on the map. No residential building is allowed in the Fair Grounds. There are new pre-built buildings available this season at the /warp craft area.


Players are encouraged to join a settlement (player-ran village) and required to build within the build zone along Merchant Row. Exceptions

Settlements are public and anyone can join. Most settlements will require you to discuss housing options before you build. Many settlements will have pre-built homes available for you to move into and decorate. Speak to the officers, look in discord and/or check the notice boards at the entrance or docks of each settlement.

The following guidelines are in place
  • Match the style of the region. Region aesthetics are posted on this page.
  • Keep buildings to a size suitable to a single family home in accordance with other buildings in the area.
  • Do not build on cliffs or over Merchant Road
All buildings must be accessible via walk/run from merchant road without climbing, using elevators or other man-made elevation structures requiring more than two sets of stairs. If you can not realistically reach the building by cart you should find a new location.
Merchant Road
Merchant Road, the brown line on the map, can not be blocked, covered or in any other way impeded. Any structure found to block the road is subject to immediate destruction.
Further, Merchant Road is under the auspices of the Merchant Guild and the laws of Nordhagen and Aurumvale, thus no town, village, person, clan, camp or house may impose additional laws or rights upon the road or those passing through.
Private clan builds
  • Clans of 6 or less may build within the build area. We hope that this will grow organically, and that small clans will remain active in the nearest village/town.
  • Once a clan has reached 6 members they may apply to become a settlement.
  • All clans are obligated to accept and enforce the laws of the area. However, clan and house rights are accord as long as visitors are apprised of the rules at the time of their visit.
  • Clans should not be walled. If there is a need for walls either move to a settlement or grow into one.
With the exception of lag issues you may apply to grow your clan into a settlement. Your settlement may be built around Merchant Road as long as only the laws of the area are in effect and a reliable thoroughfare is provided.
  • There are exceptions for villages that wish different or additional laws.
  • Please make use of basements for the purposes of storing supplies and crafting stations/workbenches. It will help lag.


Build Restrictions

You are not allowed to exploit the game mechanics at the expense of game play and fiction. It is one thing to build a defendable base, it's another to build one that is inaccessible or unassailable.

  1. You are not allowed to build in naturally inaccessible or unrealistic locations such as on top of a tower or giant cliff. Specifically, if you can not be attacked during a siege you can't build there.
  2. Elevators have been disabled.
  3. You are not allowed to construct homes where the mechanical game protection exceeds what is reasonable and immersive -- such as four tile thick walls and back to back draw bridges. No more than two lockpickable gates should be used to restrict access to the main part of the base.
  4. All doors and gates must be lockpickable. If you use a door or gate which can not be lock picked then it must be set unlocked.
  5. You are not allowed to construct unassailable bases -- such as stuck high up in a cave that can't be damaged by normal game mechanical means.
  6. If there is a road -- build along side it or at the end of it, not ON it. (Exceptions for story arcs maybe allowed.)
  7. No bed rolls in dungeons: Bedrolls in dungeons have caused more issues than anything because they glitch the respawn and can cause the server to eventually start crashing out.
Blocking Resources
It is acceptable to build with the intention of controlling a particular resources AS LONG as you are regularly available for the role-play of trading or fighting over that resource. You must be able accommodate others access to the resource -- even if that means winning a fight to keep them from it. If this does not happen we will over ride the building damage settings and allow the players to damage your building - even if you are off line. Needs a review.

Build Size

  1. Where to build - You must build within the highlighted colored area on the map. You may build (secondary) temporary structures outside of the build area for the purposes of events or story arcs.
  2. One Base per clan. All permanent buildings must be near to each other. Market areas at the Fair Grounds are built under the fair grounds clan - see the Overseer there.
  3. 200 build parts per person.
  4. 100 placeables per person.
  5. With a MAXIMUM of 2500 build parts and 750 placeable. (Note: this is a lot of building parts and can generate a lot of lag, we reserve the right to require changes if this interferes with other players playability.)
  6. One of each type of crafting station per clan. This includes Campfires, Wheel of Pain, Stables, Deconstruction Bench, Preservation Box and Fashionist bench. Some benches are craftable and some can be purchased at the OOC Area.
    (Additional preservation boxes can be obtained at the expense of the overall container count. Giving up five (5) general containers in exchange for each individual preservation box. Update 03/16/24.)
  7. Three containers per person - just having containers causes lag. Settlements with shared resources will likely limit players to one or two personal containers.
  8. One Basement per clan or settlement.
  9. NO base game lighting or lighting with flame flickering. Too many lights cause lag, reduce to the minimum, and switch to Beyond Decor lights. Most crafting benches are not available to players for use in their homes/bases.
Please Note: Players can be in two clans. This does not mean they get 200 build parts/100 placeable per person per clan. It will be difficult to track who has what in public clans, so we will be only handling agreegious abuse, but respect the lag law!

Region Aesthetics

Settlements are likely to have stricter building material requirements to maintain the immersion of the settlement. Styles not listed are probably small build sets used for accent and are not restricted. Neither frontier, stormglass or black ice should be used for an entire build anywhere.

Overlook, Hulneth, and Vargrheim are mostly a norse and medieval aesthetic and should be comprised of Aesir, Nemedian, Insulated Wood, Bosnian, Northern Timber, Stable, Stockade, Flotsam, Tavern and Poor. (These last two are not on the construction hammer.)
Broken Pass and Blackgant Bay are mostly a medieval and asian aesthetic and should be comprised of Insulated Wood, Bosnian, Flotsam, Murayama, Khitan, Yamato, Manor, Stable, Halfling, Tavern and Poor. (These last four are not on the construction hammer.)
Argentora and Shensha's Outpost are mostly a greco-roman and arabic aesthetic and should be comprised of desert town, ardashir, Muran, Aquilonian, Arena, Argossean, Turanian, castle, bath house. (These last two are not on the construction hammer.)
Use Sparingly or not at all
Sandstone, Stonebrick, Reinforced, Black Ice, Hyperborean, Frontier, Stormglass, Bank.


Currently only panther bands are exempt from the build area restriction, and may build any where that is realistic for role-play.

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Season Four
Season Four has began. We are in the process of upgrading our educational offerings, streamlining the application process, and onboarding new players. As always the wiki is a work in progress. As of Jul 9th, a significant re-organization was made.